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Pilot makes safe emergency landing

By | Posted - Feb 2nd, 2013 @ 8:53am

WOODS CROSS — After a power failure, a pilot was able to land the aircraft in a field without further incident.

The emergency landing occurred early Friday afternoon in a field in Woods Cross. According to Woods Cross Police Department, just after the pilot had taken off from Skypark, the plane experienced a loss of power.

The pilot attempted to turn back toward Skypark, but was not able to do so at such a low altitude.

"At some point the plane became almost all the way inverted and the pilot was able to right the aircraft before landing belly down on the snow in the field," Woods Cross police Detective Adam Osoro said.

The pilot managed to safely land the plane in a field, belly down.

"He purposely chose the field to land the plane, as it seemed the safest place to do so," Orsoro said.

A witness told police she noticed something was wrong with the plane when she could no longer hear the engine running.

The Federal Aviation Administration has taken over the investigation. At this point, the cause of the power loss is unknown.

Top image: Gabriel Huerta

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