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Dick Nourse halfway through treatment in latest bout of cancer

By Keith McCord | Posted - Jan 25th, 2013 @ 10:32pm

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SALT LAKE CITY -- We've had a lot of our readers contact us and ask about how Dick Nourse is doing. Dick was diagnosed with a form of throat cancer in December and is undergoing treatment.

Dick retired from KSL in 2007 after spending 43 years at the news desk. On his final night on the air, we threw him a big bash---red carpet, limo, search lights, the works.

Since retirement, Dick has stayed busy with his wife Debbie and son Dayne. A couple of years ago we caught up with them after they travelled to Hong Kong to meet martial arts star Jackie Chan.

Late last year, we learned that Dick was diagnosed with Stage 3 Squamous cell throat cancer. He's halfway through a six-week-long treatment regimen, which requires daily radiation and once-a-week chemotherapy.

Since he's not able to speak very well, Dick wrote and told us, "It is tough, to say the least, and although I have been here before, it's never easy when you come face to face again with a life threatening disease. Still, doctors feel they can get me through this."

As many of you are aware, Dick has battled cancer before. In 1980 he beat non-Hodgkins lymphoma; and then was treated for prostate cancer in 1996.

Dick says this latest case involved a tumor on the back of his tongue. His doctors said it probably developed from a virus he had for years.

The radiation and chemo treatments have certainly taken their toll.

"I have lost all taste of foods. It is difficult to swallow, so naturally I'm surviving on a liquid diet, hoping to keep my weight loss and dehydration at bay. It's hard to do that when you can't taste, and you can't swallow. But, we will get there," he said.

Dick and Debbie do want to say thanks to the many viewers and readers who have already expressed support and concern. If you'd like to send Dick a get-well message, visit our KSL Facebook page.


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