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TSA asks passengers to please leave the Tasers at home

By David Self Newlin | Posted - Oct 15th, 2012 @ 5:18pm

SALT LAKE CITY — In just the last week, the Transportation Security Administration collected nine stun guns from passengers passing through security in airports in the U.S., and Sunday, a pink stun gun was confiscated from a woman in the Salt Lake City International Airport.

These incidents have prompted the TSA to remind fliers that stun guns are not allowed in carry-on luggage, as well as any other kind of weapon.

Last year, the Salt Lake airport confiscated roughly 1,200 items that would be considered weapons every month, ranging from guns and bullets to throwing stars and several Tasers.

Though stun guns are generally considered to be defensive and for protection, they are still considered weapons according to TSA rules. That means they need to be in checked luggage if they go onto the plane at all.

"(People) forget the items are in their bags or they think that they are OK to travel with," TSA Federal Security Director for Utah Vera Adams told KSL in 2011. "It's been a long distance between 9/11 and today, and we just need to start refreshing people's memories about what can and cannot come through the checkpoint."

A full list of prohibited items is available on the TSA website. There is also a mobile app that can keep passengers up to date.

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