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Police charge Pa. man found dribbling along I-78

07/01/2014 8:11am
A 22-year-old Pennsylvania man faces charges after police encountered him dribbling a basketball along Interstate 78 near Bethlehem.

Groom chases thief who grabbed wedding gifts

07/01/2014 8:41am
A Kansas couple who had just renewed their wedding vows got a rude shock when a man tried to steal wedding gifts from the reception and the groom ran after him shouting "Stop! Thief! Stop!"

Rare Poitou donkey born in Massachusetts

07/01/2014 9:21am
A rare Poitou (PWAH'-too) donkey has been born in Massachusetts.

Black bear euthanized after frequenting area

07/01/2014 12:11pm
A 350-pound black bear found sleeping in a Florida Panhandle tree has been euthanized.

Lost for 60 years, ring turns up in dry Texas lake

07/01/2014 3:01pm
An 84-year-old Washington state woman will soon hold her 1953 university class ring, lost six decades ago, after it was found in a dried-up West Texas lake.

Bear rescued after head gets stuck in cookie jar

07/01/2014 3:21pm
A frightened bear cub got its head stuck in an oversized cookie jar while rummaging through some trash and had to be rescued from a tree in New Jersey.

Police: Burglary suspect made getaway in kayak

07/01/2014 4:21pm
Police used a boat to catch a burglary suspect who made his getaway in a kayak in southern Minnesota.

Ruling goes against boy in the 'Pop-Tart case'

07/01/2014 4:38pm
A hearing examiner has affirmed the suspension of a Maryland boy who chewed his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun.

Arizona man accused of a cruelty to rats

07/01/2014 6:41pm
A man is accused of animal cruelty after hundreds of domesticated rats have been found dead or dying in a north-central Arizona travel trailer.