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Israeli team designs prosthetic fin to save turtle

05/18/2014 12:13pm
A badly injured sea turtle's prospects are looking up — thanks to a new prosthetic fin designed by an Israeli team and modeled after the wings of a U.S. fighter jet.

TSA reminds Alaska tourists: No ulus on flights

05/18/2014 5:11pm
The summer tourist season is about to arrive in Alaska, and the U.S. Transportation Security Administration is reminding passengers that a popular Eskimo-style, half-moon-shaped knife isn't allowed in carry-on bags.

Naples teen drives into a Maverik Store — literally

05/18/2014 6:58pm
A 16-year-old with a learner's permit learned the difference between the gas and brake pedals the hard way on Sunday.

Okla. sheriff's tweets among most popular in US

05/18/2014 10:12pm
Oklahoma County's sheriff wants basketball fans and the Oklahoma City Thunder to know that streaking is illegal — but cheering, loudly, for the NBA team has yet to land anyone in the local jail.