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Bronco talks to Colorado, Mailman rips Alma mater and Costas on gun control

12/03/2012 1:01pm
BYU's Bronco Mendenhall talks to Colorado about its vacant head coaching position. Karl Malone delivers comes harsh comments about his Alma mater, La. Tech and Bob Costas gets ripped on Twitter for his comments on gun control.

Utah Jazz winning because of, not despite, Al Jefferson

12/03/2012 3:37pm
Al Jefferson has big shoes and apparently a bigger mouth to fit them in, but should Jazz fans be that upset about his post game comments?

Griffin scores 30, Clippers beat Jazz 105-104

12/03/2012 11:41pm
The Jazz suffer their first home loss of the season, 105-104, after Blake Griffin scores 30 and the Jazz can't hold on in the fourth.