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Attorney general updates Amendment 3 case on Capitol Hill

01/31/2014 7:43am
Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes met with House Republicans on Thursday to discuss the state's same-sex marriage case but said he did not tell them how to handle religious freedom bills.

Volunteers count Utah's homeless in annual project

01/31/2014 7:51am
Utah's annual count of homeless men, women and children got underway before daylight Thursday. Last year's federally required Point in Time Count determined that more than 15,000 people in Utah experienced homelessness at some point in 2013.

New app measures users' phone time, could be used in tracking depression

01/31/2014 8:29am
A new application for Android phones could to help curb the use of smartphones and even detect depression in users.

Beware online offer for free gaming console, expert advises

01/31/2014 9:11am
Online surveys are a fast, easy way for marketers to gather consumer information. The same holds true for scammers. They're promising free gaming systems through Facebook and other websites if users fill out a survey.

Utah ape predicts Seahawks will win Super Bowl

01/31/2014 9:37am
A Utah ape that has correctly picked the Super Bowl winner for six straight years predicted Thursday that the Seattle Seahawks will be the next NFL champion.

5 tips to do your part to help air quality

01/31/2014 10:28am
As we move from January to February and the inversion continues throughout the Salt Lake Valley, it is a good time to step back and look at what we can do to help air quality.

Ask a Chef: Game day chicken wings

01/31/2014 11:48am
Every week one of the chefs from Harmons Grocery Stores will be answering your toughest culinary questions. This Week: homemade chicken wings for the big game.

Desert tortoises offered for adoption through DWR

01/31/2014 12:17pm
The Division of Wildlife Resources is trying to find homes for endangered tortoises that have been removed from the wild and is turning to the public for help.

25 reasons to ski or snowboard this weekend

01/31/2014 2:06pm
These 25 photos from KSL users showcase the skiing and snowboarding opportunities available on Utah's legendary slopes.

25 charities, nonprofits get free Google Fiber

01/31/2014 2:51pm
Twenty-five local charities and nonprofits in Provo will receive free 1 GB Google Fiber and dedicated support for 10 years.

15 things to do in SLC during the winter

01/31/2014 3:15pm
Salt Lake City offers a plethora of great things to do and see. There are many ways to spend a day in SLC, but if you get the chance to visit during the winter season, I suggest giving a few of these things a try...

House makes changes to overdose bill, passes it again

01/31/2014 5:05pm
The House made changes and then approved a previously passed bill Thursday that is intended to help ensure assistance is sought for overdose victims.

Men in video of Goblin Valley rock toppling charged

01/31/2014 6:41pm
Two men whose involvement in toppling a rock formation in Goblin Valley State Park were formally charged Friday.

Murray police clear panhandler in homicide case

01/31/2014 6:54pm
Murray homicide investigators have located a panhandler they wanted to question regarding with the killing of an 85-year-old woman, but now believe he is not connected to the case.

Semitruck tips over on I-15, vehicle slides into it

01/31/2014 6:58pm
A semitruck lost control and tipped over on I-15 Friday morning on the downside of the Black Ridge between Cedar City and St. George, causing a vehicle driven by a pregnant woman to crash into the semitruck.

UHP acquires armored rescue vehicle

01/31/2014 7:21pm
The Utah Department of Public Safety has a new vehicle it hopes will keep officers and the public safe from shootings. It's called a mine- resistant, ambush-protected vehicle, but it will have a different purpose in Utah.

2 employees put on leave after school lunches taken

01/31/2014 7:40pm
A Utah cafeteria manager and her supervisor have been placed on leave during an investigation into why lunches were taken from students who owed money on food accounts.

Duchesne High drill team goes for a record 11th consecutive state title

01/31/2014 8:04pm
The Duchesne Talons will go for their 11th straight state drill team title Saturday at Utah Valley University. If they win, the Talons will set a state record for most consecutive drill team championships.

Hatch talks about immigration to Utah lawmakers

01/31/2014 8:11pm
U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, made his annual appearance before the Utah Legislature on Friday and fielded questions on several topics, including immigration reform.

Community outpouring strengthens family of fallen officer

01/31/2014 8:38pm
"It's hard. My mom's not doing too well but we're trying to stay strong and keep her strong," said son Shea Wride.

Man allegedly responsible for Sgt. death dies from injuries

01/31/2014 9:32pm
The man who police think may have been responsible for the death of Sgt. Cory Wride Thursday has since died from injuries.

Dept. of Commerce to investigate after locksmith pricing complaints

01/31/2014 9:51pm
The State of Utah's Division of Consumer Protection is investigating claims about locksmith pricing practices and address listings that may lead consumers to believe they're dialing a local locksmith company.

'I always try to keep my edge,' says officer of job safety

01/31/2014 10:15pm
Law enforcement officers in all local communities can relate to the deadly risks that come with the job. It's one of the greatest risks they take: not knowing what awaits on the other side of the window.

Police camaraderie holds strong after months of tragedy

01/31/2014 10:31pm
Utah law enforcement has seen more than its fair share of tragedy since the killing of Sgt. Derek Johnson on Sept. 1, 2013.

20-year-old in critical condition after being hit by car

01/31/2014 10:43pm
A 20-year-old man was in critical condition Friday night after being hit by a vehicle while he was crossing state Route 36.

50-year-old speed skater achieves Olympic dream

01/31/2014 10:58pm
A glistening trail of glitter in the halls of a West Valley hotel is the proof of sparkling remnants of an Olympic dream 30 years in the making.

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