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Farm bill takes aim at state animal welfare laws

11/19/2013 9:46am
The future of state laws that regulate everything from the size of a hen's cage to the safe consumption of Gulf oysters may be at stake as farm bill negotiators work to resolve a long-simmering fight between agriculture and animal welfare interests.

Key Dem pushes tax reform amid partisan bickering

11/19/2013 2:07pm
The top Democratic tax writer in the Congress is trying to jumpstart stalled efforts to rewrite the nation's tax laws. But he is running into the same kind of partisan roadblocks that plague most major initiatives in Washington.

House approves extension of program to combat AIDS

11/19/2013 4:06pm
The House joined the Senate on Tuesday in approving an extension of a program established by George W. Bush to fight AIDS and other diseases across the world. The measure will now go to President Barack Obama.

House panel to probe unemployment data

11/19/2013 4:49pm
A House panel plans to investigate allegations in a published report that workers in the Census Bureau fabricated data used to prepare monthly unemployment reports.

Senate paralyzed on what to do about Guantanamo

11/19/2013 5:28pm
Senators on Tuesday illustrated their paralysis over what to do with the Guantanamo Bay prison, voting down dueling bills to loosen and tighten restrictions on transferring detainees.