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China says 1 injured by shell at Damascus embassy

10/01/2013 2:14am
China says a mortar shell that landed within its embassy compound in Syria's capital has slightly injured a Syrian employee and caused slight damage to the property.

Pentagon wants more workers exempt from furloughs

10/01/2013 4:19am
Pentagon and administration lawyers are looking for ways to expand the number of Defense Department civilians who are exempt from furloughs, amid worries that the government shutdown is damaging U.S. credibility among its international allies, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Tuesday.

US worried about NKorea's cyber, missile threats

10/01/2013 5:47am
South Korea's military needs to improve its missile defense and cyber capabilities to better defend against persistent threats from Pyongyang, the commander of U.S. forces in Korea said Tuesday.

China courts lift veils but keep courtroom closed

10/01/2013 8:42am
China's notoriously opaque courts have suddenly embraced social media to provide a window into their proceedings, to boost a skeptical public's confidence in the country's Communist Party-controlled legal system.

Train hits minibus in Indonesia, killing 13

10/01/2013 10:14am
A passenger train slammed into a minibus that was carrying families of hajj pilgrims on Indonesia's Java island on Tuesday, killing 13 people and severely injuring six others, police said.

Tajikistan ratifies deal for Russian military base

10/01/2013 11:51am
The parliament of Tajikistan has voted to extend the presence of Russian troops in the ex-Soviet nation on Afghanistan's northern border until 2042.

Thai royalist sentenced for repeating royal insult

10/01/2013 11:03pm
The founder of Thailand's royalist "yellow shirt" movement was sentenced Tuesday to two years in jail for defaming the monarchy by repeating offensive comments made by a political opponent.