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Group charged in more than 30 home break-ins

02/27/2014 6:49am
Four adults and two teens suspected of being involved in a major burglary ring for nearly a year were rounded up and charged Wednesday in West Valley City.

Goblin toppling bill on hold

02/27/2014 7:14am
The so-called "goblin toppling" bill was heard Wednesday by a panel of lawmakers who narrowly voted to hold the bill. Despite some who wanted more discussion on HB68, other lawmakers said the bill was too broad and could have far- reaching effects.

Study links older dads, kids' psychiatric problems

02/27/2014 7:34am
Older fathers may face higher risks than previously thought for having children with psychiatric problems, including bipolar disorder, autism and attention deficits, according to the largest study to examine the potential links.

FTC lawsuit accuses Utah companies of online business scam

02/27/2014 7:50am
A federal lawsuit filed against several Utahns and Utah-based companies alleges that they took part in a scam that advertised the tools to successful online businesses but failed to deliver, leaving their costumers as victims in debt.

5 from domestic spy agency arrested in Venezuela

02/27/2014 8:26am
Venezuela's chief prosecutor says five more members of a national intelligence agency have been arrested on murder charges related to the shooting deaths of two people in anti-government street demonstrations.

The art and heart of caring for aging parents

02/27/2014 8:34am
Twenty years ago, when she was trying to care for her aging, increasingly frail parents, Virginia Morris looked for a guide to help, but didn't find much. So she wrote the book herself.

Bill would outlaw manipulating cellphone while driving

02/27/2014 9:20am
Texting, dialing and inputting an address on a cellphone while driving all look the same to police, and all are distracting. So, a St. George lawmaker wants to penalize drivers who do any or all of that.

Students suspected of smoking marijuana in igloo

02/27/2014 9:32am
Four University of Utah students could face disciplinary measures after a campus security guard says they were smoking marijuana in an igloo.

International cupcake biz is a family venture

02/27/2014 9:48am
A husband and wife duo have expanded their cupcake business from delivery in Salt Lake to a brick-and-mortar shop in India, and they brought their daughter along for the experience.

Giving joy in Salt Lake City

02/27/2014 10:06am
Dozens of women in downtown Salt Lake City were given an uplifting surprise on Monday, Feb. 17, by two young boys with a stockpile of homemade, inspirational notes.

NASA announces mother lode of new planets: 715

02/27/2014 10:43am
Our galaxy is looking far more crowded. NASA has confirmed a bonanza of 715 newly discovered planets outside our solar system.

The 5 best travel websites you may not know of

02/27/2014 11:01am
Five less-well-known travel sites that can make planning your next vacation easier.

10 greatest moments in RSL history

02/27/2014 11:15am
Counting down Real Salt Lake's 10 best moments as it prepares to start the club's 10th season against the Los Angeles Galaxy in less than two weeks.

Lecture by famous astrophysicist sells out in 90 minutes

02/27/2014 11:34am
An international name in science is coming to Salt Lake City to speak about the relationship between science and human values.

App makes finding food trucks easy

02/27/2014 11:41am
A group of locals thrown together during Provo's Startup Weekend have come up with a better way for you to find food carts and trucks than pounding the pavement.

Community mourns after inspirational girl dies of cancer

02/27/2014 12:15pm
A 13-year-old who inspired a community during her battle with cancer died in her sleep Wednesday morning. She made national headlines after she used her wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation to donate a $7,500 check to Kanab High School.

4 Provo achievements highlighted by mayor in video message

02/27/2014 12:43pm
Provo's mayor recently gave his state of the city address in a less- than-usual manner.

Have You Seen This? Bank robbery fail

02/27/2014 1:23pm
Crime never pays. And yet, criminals every day attempt to foil the system for one reason or another.

Bill passes to swap school days for teacher training; School technology bill advances

02/27/2014 1:31pm
Utah lawmakers passed a bill on Wednesday allowing school districts to use up to four instructional days for teacher training. A committee also advanced a bill that aims to get technological devices in the hands of every student in Utah.

Local string quartet prepares for national competition

02/27/2014 1:51pm
A local instrumental group is looking forward to their chance to compete at a national chamber music competition in Chicago.

Ask a Chef: How to make the best waffles from scratch

02/27/2014 2:09pm
Every week one of the chefs from Harmons Grocery Stores will be answering your toughest culinary questions. This Week: How to make waffles from scratch.

5 movies with the wrong rating

02/27/2014 2:27pm
The MPAA is notorious for making some bad decisions when it comes to ratings and here are just five of its mistakes.

Breastfeeding doesn't improve cognitive development, BYU study says

02/27/2014 2:45pm
Parenting skills, not breastfeeding, explain why some children perform better in school, according to a new study.

FDA says nutrition facts label will get a makeover

02/27/2014 3:04pm
Ice cream lovers beware: The government knows you're unlikely to stop after half a cup. New nutrition labels proposed Thursday for many popular foods, including ice cream, aim to more accurately reflect what people actually eat. And the proposal would make calorie counts on labels more prominent, too, reflecting that nutritionists now focus more on calories than fat.

Man arrested on suspicion of lewdness faces immigration court, police say

02/27/2014 4:02pm
A man arrested in connection to lewdness reports from an Ogden neighborhood is now facing an immigration hearing, police said.

Alpine Olympian gets warm welcome home with parade

02/27/2014 6:49pm
Utah athlete Chris Fogt, who won bronze in Sochi, got a warm welcome from his hometown today.

Police asking for public's help in case of woman missing since 2002

02/27/2014 6:51pm
Salt Lake police are asking the public for help in the case of a woman missing since 2002.New information prompted investigators to reopen the case of Aletha Jo Williams.

Google Earth shows polar bears in arctic

02/27/2014 7:08pm
Google traded its iconic car for a Tundra Buggy to explore the polar bear's habitat.

Gunman threatens clerk, robs store

02/27/2014 7:17pm
Police are on the hunt for a man and his getaway driver who robbed a 7-Eleven early Thursday while wielding a long gun.

Jimmer reaches buyout with Kings, free to sign elsewhere

02/27/2014 7:18pm
Former Cougar Jimmer Fredette has reached a buyout with the Sacramento Kings and can now sign with another team for the rest of the season.

Child sexual abuse prevention bill passes House

02/27/2014 7:18pm
Elizabeth Smart and Deondra Brown looked up to watch the votes roll in on a bill that would allow elementary schools to teach child sexual abuse prevention to students, parents and teachers.

'Son of God' first of several biblical movies to be released in 2014

02/27/2014 7:31pm
"Son of God" opens in theaters Friday, and it has been getting plenty of buzz. Producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett talked about an emerging trend in biblical topics in movies.

Preparing and storing emergency water

02/27/2014 7:33pm
Water is an essential element to survival, so it's important to ensure your family has enough to last through several months of emergencies.

3 accused in connection with death of 16-year-old boy

02/27/2014 7:48pm
The death of 16-year-old Brandon Aiken in Sanpete County last November has now resulted in criminal charges against three adults.

BYU student hit by car while longboarding identified

02/27/2014 8:06pm
A BYU student was rushed to the hospital in critical condition Wednesday evening after getting hit by a car just outside the BYU campus in Provo.

Idaho man killed in weather-related accident

02/27/2014 8:23pm
An Idaho man was killed Thursday in a weather- related accident on US 6 in Carbon County near Helper.

Couple adopts triplets, gives birth to twins in the same year

02/27/2014 8:25pm
When Sarah and Andy Justice found out they would be adopting not just one but three babies, they were excited.

Gov. Herbert offers 'Utah solution' to Medicaid expansion

02/27/2014 9:04pm
Gov. Gary Herbert offered his own "Utah solution" to Medicaid expansion Thursday, calling for a new state-run program that would be paid for through a block grant from the federal government.

Utah promotes Mighty 5 national parks campaign

02/27/2014 9:32pm
When you hear the term "Utah's Mighty 5," what comes to mind? The folks at the Utah Office of Tourism hope you think of Utah's five national parks.

Documentary shows sacrifice of officers killed in the line of duty

02/27/2014 10:01pm
Every 54 hours, an American law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty. On Friday, Pleasant Grove will air the Utah premier of a documentary that helps people better understand that sacrifice.

Governor encourages Utahns to give 100 hours of service in 2014

02/27/2014 10:03pm
Utahns are being encouraged to give 100 hours of service in 2014, which Gov. Gary Herbert has declared a "A Year of Service in Utah."

Did dispatch delay contribute to death of BYU student?

02/27/2014 10:20pm
The closest firefighters trained in avalanche rescue were not dispatched to an avalanche Feb. 8 in American Fork Canyon that killed a BYU student who was snowshoeing. Could a 10-minute delay have contributed to her death?

School won't recognize 11-year-old's special needs, parents say

02/27/2014 10:41pm
An 11-year-old boy has been diagnosed as a genius, but he's failing every one of his classes.

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