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BYU beats No. 25 Gonzaga 73-65

02/21/2014 12:38am
Anson Winder scored 17 points and Matt Carlino added 15 to lead BYU to a 73-65 victory over No. 25 Gonzaga on Thursday night.

Residents voice concern over proposed pipeline through Bountiful

02/21/2014 7:02am
A group of Bountiful residents are concerned about Tesoro's proposed crude oil pipeline that could take the unrefined oil down one of the city's major thoroughfares.

McDonald's manager: I was fired after paying firefighters' tab

02/21/2014 7:36am
A single mother of twins says she was fired last week from her job as a McDonald's manager in Olean, New York, after paying for the meals of several firefighters.

Report: US drone may have killed a dozen civilians

02/21/2014 7:49am
A U.S. military drone strike in Yemen last December may have killed up to a dozen civilians on their way to a wedding and injured others, including the bride, a human rights group says. U.S. officials say only members of al-Qaida were killed, but they have refused to make public the details of two U.S. investigations into the incident.

Spectacular beach art gets destroyed at high tide

02/21/2014 9:52am
Not many people can combine a dream vacation with their place of work. But not many people "work" by drawing pictures in the sand on the beach.

System coaches bring benefits, pitfalls

02/21/2014 10:28am
Jerry Sloan, Stew Morrill and Randy Rahe are three coaches who are famous for being dedicated to their systems; something that has both propelled them and held them back.

Religious freedom bill riles gay rights supporters

02/21/2014 10:44am
The Arizona Legislature gave final approval Thursday evening to legislation that allows business owners asserting their religious beliefs to refuse service to gays, drawing backlash from Democrats who called the proposal "state-sanctioned discrimination" and an embarrassment.

Mammograms: Are they needed or not?

02/21/2014 11:16am
Does breast screening save lives? Simply finding cancer is not proof of a test's benefit. One must find the cancer, provide treatment and demonstrate that patients who would have died do not.

Photos capture aunt resuscitating baby on roadside

02/21/2014 11:34am
Moving photos of a woman resuscitating her nephew on the side of a freeway are making the rounds on the Internet.

Petition to investigate Olympic ice skating scoring gains 1.7 million supporters

02/21/2014 11:45am
After a Russian skater won the gold medal in an upset, a petition to investigate the scoring went viral and crashed the website

Bill passes to restrict dog breed laws; House GOP gives OK to prison move

02/21/2014 12:22pm
The House GOP caucus finally lent their support Thursday to move the Draper prison for development. The House also passed a bill to restrict cities from banning certain dog breeds and a committee passed a bill to mandate a buffer between residents and the new Stericycle plant.

Off-duty police officer helps save life at Del Taco

02/21/2014 12:56pm
Officer James Skinner saw an unresponsive man lying on the pavement while leaving the Del Taco in Lehi with his family, police said.

Mom who bought 'inappropriate' PacSun shirts receives national support

02/21/2014 1:48pm
The Orem woman who made headlines by purchasing almost $600 worth of T-shirts she said were indecent says she is getting offers of money from around the country to help pay her tab, but she's not taking any money — she's asking people to donate to anti-porn groups instead.

Have You Seen This? It's not unusual ... or is it?

02/21/2014 2:11pm
While Thursday's BYU game was quite the accomplishment for the program, it's the video that was shown during one of the timeouts that is probably the bigger accomplishment.

Photo Gallery: Locations to visit around the US

02/21/2014 2:51pm
Utah is a beautiful state known for its national parks and for the snowcapped mountains and ski resorts. However, the states surrounding Utah also have a lot to offer when it comes to beautiful spots and landscape features. Here are some photos showcasing some of the beauty that the U.S. has to offer.

Child porn found at coach's home in girl's killing

02/21/2014 2:53pm
A police search of the southwest Missouri home of a middle-school football coach accused in a 10-year-old girl's kidnapping and death found child pornography and more than a dozen guns, according to search warrants released Friday.

Canada beats US 1-0 to reach gold-medal game

02/21/2014 4:17pm
For the rematch, Canada skipped the overtime and shelved the theatrics.

120 Olympic athletes compete for team other than birth country

02/21/2014 5:06pm
While watching the Olympics, viewers often hear about athletes who are competing for teams other than the country where they were born.

Police looking into lewdness reports in Ogden neighborhood

02/21/2014 5:33pm
Police are working with the Ogden School District after multiple reports have been made about a man engaging in lewd behavior.

265 Anne Frank books vandalized in Tokyo libraries

02/21/2014 5:57pm
Anne Frank's "The Diary of a Young Girl" and scores of books about the young Holocaust victim have been vandalized in Tokyo public libraries since earlier this year.

Murray mayor cites need for 'fresh ideas' in firing of police chief

02/21/2014 6:16pm
Murray's new mayor says it's time for a change in his city's police department.

Cancer claims life of Utah teen devoted to 'making lemonade'

02/21/2014 6:33pm
The Hess family knows a thing or two about making the most out of what life hands you. That's because life handed them cancer.

3 people held up SLC jewelry store, police say

02/21/2014 7:07pm
Police are investigating a robbery where three people wearing masks held up a jewelry store in Salt Lake City.

Explosion at industrial plant injures 2 workers

02/21/2014 7:08pm
Two workers were burned after explosion at a magnesium plant in Tooele County Friday morning.

Bill raising smoking age to 21 passes committee

02/21/2014 7:10pm
A Senate committee approved a bill Thursday that would restrict anyone under 21 from using or purchasing tobacco or e-cigarettes.

House OKs bill providing technology grants to some Utah schools

02/21/2014 7:12pm
The Utah House of Representatives passed a bill Friday that would provide grants for schools transitioning to digital textbooks.

Ukraine agreement reached, but the street resists

02/21/2014 7:13pm
Under heavy pressure from the West following a deadly day of clashes and sniper fire in the capital, President Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders struck a deal Friday aimed at bringing Ukraine's three-month political crisis to an end. But radical protesters and some pro-Russian factions rejected it, leaving lingering doubts over whether peace could be restored.

Powder at LDS Church Office Building tests negatively for threat

02/21/2014 7:15pm
Powder found inside envelopes mailed to the downtown Church Office Building Friday resulted in six people being evaluated by emergency crews.

2 arrested in string of home burglaries in Holladay, Millcreek

02/21/2014 7:23pm
Unified police detectives have arrested two people, but are looking for others suspected in a recent uptick in home break-ins in Holladay and Millcreek.

What to do about your bad breath

02/21/2014 7:33pm
Millions of Americans suffer from bad breath. For most, it's a problem that only rears its ugly head in limited situations, such as in the morning or after eating pungent food.

Student-led program seeks to combat bullying in Uintah School District

02/21/2014 7:38pm
A group of Uintah High School students has developed a program aimed at preventing younger kids from becoming bullies.

AP source: Tribal killing suspect target of probe

02/21/2014 7:49pm
The woman who police say killed three family members and a worker at the headquarters building for an Indian tribe that was evicting her and her son from its land was the target of a federal investigation into at least $50,000 in missing tribal funds.

Guidelines to reduce C-section births urge waiting

02/21/2014 8:34pm
Show more patience in the delivery room: That's the prescription being given to the nation's obstetricians.

Bill allowing hemp use for seizure treatment clears first hurdle

02/21/2014 9:01pm
Parents of epileptic children hugged and cried Friday after a House committee voted 8-2 to send to the House floor a bill that would allow cannabis extract in Utah for seizure treatment.

Fire destroys wood shop in Beaver Dam

02/21/2014 9:33pm
A fire sparked while woodworking burned a shop to the ground and damaged a nearby home Friday in Beaver Dam, Box Elder County.

Slain beauty queen mourned in Venezuela

02/21/2014 9:34pm
A university student beauty queen was mourned Friday in the provincial Venezuelan city where she was slain this week during a political protest, a victim of what government opponents say is indiscriminate violence used by President Nicolas Maduro and his supporters to stifle dissent across the country.

Large number of bank robberies prompts prevention training

02/21/2014 10:04pm
An unusually high number of bank robberies continued Friday night. In response, the Salt Lake City Police Department announced a "Bank Safety Summit" to be held Tuesday.

Utahn returns home after biking 730 miles across Antarctica

02/21/2014 10:17pm
Ice biking is not an Olympic sport, but a Utahn recently finished a trek to the bottom of the world that just might be worthy of a medal. Dan Burton spent 51 days, in sub-zero temperatures, riding his bike to the South Pole.

US takes the silver in the short track relay

02/21/2014 10:23pm
The U.S. men's team took home the silver medal in the short track relay.

Mikaela Shiffrin becomes youngest gold medal winner ever in women's slalom

02/21/2014 10:25pm
Mikaela Shiffrin wins an Olympic gold in the women's slalom at the age of 18.

Advocates calling for change in law to help Utah's homeless youth

02/21/2014 11:03pm
Some homeless advocates claim Utah law is stopping them from helping teens who are out on the streets. A handful of people are pushing a bill that could change that.

Lillard has 28 and Blazers down Jazz 102-94

02/21/2014 11:50pm
The Jazz battled in the third, but fell in Portland 102-94.

'3 Days to Kill' is a mess, but entertaining

02/21/2014 11:55pm
"3 Days to Kill" is a mess. Oh, it's entertaining, but a mess nonetheless.