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Utah man sentenced in Hill Air Force Base bribery case

01/30/2014 6:47am
A Farr West man has been sentenced to two years in prison for using his position working with Hill Air Force Base to enrich himself and others.

Bill would make 'revenge porn' illegal

01/30/2014 6:59am
A Utah lawmaker wants to make it illegal to distribute "intimate images" as a way to harm a previous spouse or significant other.

Camera pulled intact from lake years after woman dropped it

01/30/2014 7:45am
A South Jordan woman dropped a camera into Lake Tahoe two years ago. A fisherman pulled it back up last week and found the camera and 1,000 digital photos were still intact.

Cities around the world share Salt Lake's inversion woes

01/30/2014 8:34am
The Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas have been trudging through another winter dense with inversion- related smog, but globally speaking, we're not alone in this problem.

5 apps parents should know about

01/30/2014 8:46am
Approximately 78 percent of U.S. teens have cell phones. Five new apps are growing in popularity and important for parents to know about because many come with maturity warnings and are rife with problems.

'House of horrors' loaded with live, dead pythons

01/30/2014 9:00am
The smell wafting from the house was bad, to put it mildly. It was the result of more than 200 dead pythons, 200 still-living snakes, and a rodent infestation.

Utah teen to attend Super Bowl with Make-A-Wish

01/30/2014 9:24am
A 16-year-old from Herriman will fulfill his dream of attending the Super Bowl Sunday with the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Crash may have caused power outage

01/30/2014 9:33am
A snowplow hit a light pole five minutes before a transformer in the area blew, causing a power outage in West Valley City.

Massive tumbleweeds cause trouble in NM

01/30/2014 9:53am
It's day four of a tumbleweed invasion in Clovis, N.M., and some homeowners still can't walk in their backyard.

Petition asks White House to deport Justin Bieber

01/30/2014 10:02am
The people have spoken: Pop star Justin Bieber is no longer welcome in the United States. At least that's according to a petition that's been signed by more than 187,000 people on the White House's "We the People" website.

Government drones targeted in proposed legislation

01/30/2014 10:26am
Utah lawmakers are considering limiting the government's use of drones in the state. They said they want citizens' privacy to come first.

BYU focuses on defensive adjustments before playing Pacific, St. Mary's

01/30/2014 10:26am
Getting back to the Marriott Center, where BYU is 8-1 this season, should help the Cougars begin the second half of conference play better than they did the first, but their defense may end up determining their postseason destiny.

Alleged Bigfoot may be coming to Utah

01/30/2014 11:01am
Controversial Bigfoot hunter Rick Dyer says that he shot one of the creatures in Texas. Now he says he's taking the body on nationwide tour to prove it's real, including a stop in Salt Lake City.

Man locked in laundromat calls police for help, gets arrested for drug possession

01/30/2014 11:20am
A man in St. George who was locked in a laundromat after hours was arrested after he called police for help.

'Food Court Wars' begins filming in Logan Thursday

01/30/2014 11:28am
Hungry shoppers interested in trying some new mall fare may be excited to hear "Food Court Wars" will be filming in Logan Thursday.

Utah residents can now receive Deseret News National Edition, LDS Church News

01/30/2014 11:42am
For the first time, Utah residents can subscribe to the Deseret News National Edition and the LDS Church News.

UVU student's app unlocks messages at specific locations

01/30/2014 12:03pm
A Utahn has created a new social app that allows you to send picture messages that can only be unlocked at a specific location.

Have You Seen This? Insane tank brake test

01/30/2014 1:52pm
This video of a tank testing its brakes is awesome and insane.

63-year-old man found shot dead in his Sandy home

01/30/2014 2:11pm
A retired Salt Lake police officer was found dead of a gunshot wound at his home in Sandy on Wednesday.

Court allows Utah to file longer 'brief' in same-sex marriage appeal

01/30/2014 2:39pm
The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals will allow state attorneys defending Utah's same-sex marriage ban to file an opening argument that could be as long as 24,000 words.

Figure skating welcomes many new faces to Olympics

01/30/2014 3:02pm
The first figure skating event of the Olympic Games in Sochi starts in one week, welcoming a host of fresh faces to the games.

Merchant admits smuggling piranhas into NYC

01/30/2014 3:30pm
Federal authorities say a tropical fish merchant has admitted smuggling more than 39,000 piranhas into New York City and mislabeling them as common aquarium fish.

Pup who was almost euthanized turns 6 months, inspires Internet

01/30/2014 4:12pm
A dog that was rescued as he was being walked into the euthanization room turned 6 months old this week and inspires hundreds on Instagram.

US prosecutors seek execution of marathon suspect

01/30/2014 4:18pm
Federal prosecutors Thursday announced they will seek the death penalty against 20-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the Boston Marathon bombing, accusing him of betraying his adopted country by ruthlessly carrying out a terrorist attack calculated to cause maximum carnage.

Police release photo of man suspected in Murray homicide

01/30/2014 4:18pm
Police have received a photograph of the man who they believe was driving Shirley Sharp's car on the morning she was found dead in her burning house.

West Valley police shooting rules as legally justified, DA says

01/30/2014 5:01pm
The Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office has ruled that an officer-involved shooting in December was legally justified.

Olympic Brazilian skier severely injured in Park City

01/30/2014 5:44pm
A Brazilian skier expected to compete in the Olympics in February was severely injured in Park City on Monday — now she is just hoping she will walk again.

Lawmakers visit school where lunches were tossed for kids without funds

01/30/2014 6:36pm
Uintah Elementary parents are upset after the school's cafeteria took away lunch from children who lacked money in their accounts.

Lawmakers propose raising cost of concealed weapons permits for nonresidents

01/30/2014 6:37pm
It's an idea that's in its infancy on Utah's Capitol Hill, but it may gain traction if early interest from some lawmakers is an indicator: raising the cost of concealed weapons permits significantly for out-of-staters.

Roosevelt man killed in crash with tanker truck

01/30/2014 7:11pm
A Roosevelt man died Thursday after a tanker truck jack-knifed, rolled and crushed his pickup truck.

4 phone numbers to improve your life

01/30/2014 7:33pm
Now that smartphones are more commonplace, virtually putting the entire world at your fingertips, you wouldn't think that a phone number could improve your life — but these phone numbers might.

Utah's business community launches media campaign for STEM

01/30/2014 8:13pm
Gov. Gary Herbert and Utah business leaders announced a $2 million media campaign Thursday aimed at encouraging students to consider careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Poor economic benefits predicted for Sochi Olympics

01/30/2014 8:45pm
As the 2014 Olympic Games approach, there is still talk within the International Olympic Committee and with international experts about Salt Lake's economic success following our Winter Olympics. So, what about Sochi?

'I love my son, but I'm more than a mom'

01/30/2014 8:55pm
On March 5, 2013, I became Molly, Liam's mom. And since then, I've been winging this whole mom thing. This is my declaration of imperfectness, my truthful confession that some may call selfish: I love my son, but I am more than a mom.

Amanda Knox's murder conviction reinstated

01/30/2014 9:05pm
More than two years after Amanda Knox returned to the U.S. apparently home free, an Italian court Thursday reinstated her murder conviction in the stabbing of her roommate and increased her sentence to 28 1/2 years in prison, raising the specter of a long extradition fight.

Lesbian expectant couple sues Utah for recognition of marital rights

01/30/2014 9:13pm
A lesbian couple has filed a lawsuit against Utah, asking the state to recognize their marriage and all the accompanying rights to which they believe they are entitled.

Sutherland Institute admits errors in ad opposing nondiscrimination bill

01/30/2014 9:36pm
The Sutherland Institute is pulling one of its three television ads opposing a proposed statewide nondiscrimination law, admitting it is inaccurate.

Local locksmiths warn Utahns about overpricing scheme

01/30/2014 10:00pm
Utah locksmiths are warning consumers about a growing scheme that could leave you with an overpriced bill the next time you get locked out of your car and call a local locksmith.

UVU, Vivint team up for new sales program

01/30/2014 10:53pm
Utah Valley University's Woodbury School of Business received a $2 million donation Thursday that will enable students to develop sales skills.

Deputy killed, another injured in shootings, officials say

01/30/2014 11:05pm
A deputy who was entering his 20th year of service with the Utah County Sheriff's Office was shot and killed Thursday afternoon during a traffic stop in Eagle Mountain.