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5 reasons you've hit a wall at work

01/22/2013 10:23am
You may be on the hunt for a new job, or you may recognize your dissatisfaction is likely temporary, but chances are there are actions you take every day that are impacting your workplace happiness. Here are five:

Woman learns new hobby every week of the year

01/22/2013 5:30pm
From hang gliding, to a flying trapeze, you could say Libby Segal has done it all, or at least tried to.

Blind skateboarder: It's 'one of the biggest adrenaline rushes'

01/22/2013 7:56pm
Tommy Carroll has been skating since he was 10. He's been blind since he was 2.

Running across frozen Utah Lake

01/22/2013 8:42pm
Running across Utah Lake on the frozen ice seemed crazy at first, but it proved to be an unforgettable — and completely worthwhile — experience.