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Court: Clicking 'Like' on Facebook is free speech

09/19/2013 10:04am
Clicking "Like" on Facebook is constitutionally protected free speech and can be considered the 21st century-equivalent of a campaign yard sign, a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday.

Apple blogger Steve Sande discusses new iPhones with

09/19/2013 1:02pm
As Apple fans get ready for Friday's release of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, sits down with Steve Sande of The Unofficial Apple Weblog to talk about what's new.

How a purse snatcher and potato salad help my grief

09/19/2013 7:28pm
My dad passed away 19 days ago. I have since learned that grieving is anything but predictable, and that it's absolutely possible to have a good laugh, even though your heart is breaking.

Electric Run could be the start of something special

09/19/2013 8:32pm
The Electric Run inspires creativity and exercise for Utahns, and two women in particular.