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West Jordan woman describes being held hostage in home

By KSLMarc at 09/23/2016 6:07 pm         
West Jordan police say a man they were chasing, broke into a home and told a mother and her children to be quiet. The woman praised officers who eventually came to her door and immediately knew something was wrong. Nobody was hurt, but she says she was terrified. KSL Newsradio's Marc Giauque has more.

Volunteers flood tornado damaged Washington Terrace

By KSLMarc at 09/23/2016 5:45 pm         
They came by the bus load in some cases. Volunteers moved in to clean up after Thursday's tornado tore up part of the small Weber County city. KSL Newsradio's Marc Giauque has the story.

Wellington Mayor desperate for help after flooding

By kslcleon at 09/23/2016 5:36 pm         
Homeowners in the Carbon County are cleaning out their basements again after flooding from the Price River. But Mayor Joan Powell says it should have never should never have happened a 2nd time. (Photo: Gena Trucks)

Layton golf course ripped up after storm

By kslcleon at 09/23/2016 5:15 pm         
If you plan on hitting the links at Swan Lakes Golf Course, you'll be disappointed. The course was heavily damaged by the winds and now the manager is hoping for help this weekend.

Teens caught in tornado tell their story

By BriannaBodilyKSL at 09/23/2016 2:45 pm         
A harrowing story coming out of Weber County today, a group of junior ROTC members were caught in one of the tornadoes that touched down near Riverton. Today three of the members sat down with KSL Newsradio’s Brianna Bodily to tell their story.

Families look for help after yesterday's tornadoes destroyed several homes.

By BriannaBodilyKSL at 09/23/2016 2:43 pm         
You can give the Christiansens financial help at:

Report: Utah schools have among worst nursing shortages

By kslpetersamore at 09/23/2016 1:17 pm         
A new report finds Utah well underneath the national recommendation for the number of nurses for public school students. But it will cost millions to fix it. The data:

Utility workers pulling marathon shifts after storm

By kslpetersamore at 09/23/2016 1:14 pm         
Rocky Mountain Power linemen say they want to get the power back on just as much as their northern Utah customers after the tornadoes and storms.

Young boomers are on the move buying multi-generational homes.

By KSLRikki at 09/23/2016 11:47 am         
In, 1981, the median age of a repeat home buyer was 36-years old. Now, research shows last year the average age of a repeat home buyers was 53.

Are your kids getting you hacked?

By KSLRikki at 09/23/2016 11:29 am         
It's a common problem when you let your kids use your devices. Hackers waiting to crack your codes often do so after your kids have left your smart toys susceptible. Some kids do this unwittingly, others are sneaking around online. Staying safe means not giving them your log-in info.