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West Jordan city sponsors CERT training for residents

By EricButlerKSL at 04/20/2018 9:47 am         
When disaster strikes, Utah municipalities know there might be a prolonged delay before emergency services can be restored. And that's where CERT training comes into play. West Jordan interim fire marshall Paul Brockbank explains why Community Emergency Response Team training is necessary for local residents.

Man in critical condition after officer-involved shooting in Salt Lake City

By BriannaBodilyKSL at 04/18/2018 6:25 pm         
Police say a suspect is in "extremely critical condition" after a shooting today outside a home near 1100 East and Princeton Avenue.

New report shows billions are spent on outdoor recreation in Utah.

By BriannaBodilyKSL at 04/17/2018 9:45 pm         
A new report shows about 70 percent of Utahns play outside...and they're spending quite a bit of money to do it.  Picture: Laura Seitz, Deseret News

Highway drug bust nets hundreds of pounds of marijuana near Coalville

By BriannaBodilyKSL at 04/16/2018 5:58 pm         
The Utah Highway Patrol confiscated 356 pounds of marijuana Monday morning. Picture: UHP

Day of silence for Valley Jr High students to remember Holocaust

By kslmrichards at 04/13/2018 11:20 am         
A new study shows many younger Americans are forgetting what the Holocaust was all about. But teachers here in Utah are trying to make sure they never forget.

USU Professor Develops Cellphone Antenna That Can Change Shape

By BriannaBodilyKSL at 04/12/2018 7:50 pm         
A Utah State Professor is working on a new cellphone antenna that could be the next step in cell phone technology. He’s spent the last 15 years working on this project. Now Professor Bedri Centiner says his prototype is finally done. A cellphone antenna that can adjust both its software…and hardware.

Officers burned while saving a suicidal man tell their side of the story

By BriannaBodilyKSL at 04/12/2018 5:12 pm         
Officer Robert Jackson is still in the hospital. He has third degree burns up and down his calves and will need surgery. He still doesn’t know when he’ll be released from the hospital. Picture: All four officers who were burned during the rescue gather to tell their story. Left to right: Sgt. Shawn Mckinnon, Officer Cade Bradshaw, Officer Lacy Turner, and Officer Robert Jackson on skype from the University Hospital.

Farmington city tackles E-Waste with Eagle Scout

By EricButlerKSL at 04/12/2018 10:15 am         
Eagle scout Cyrus Seachrist had an idea for a project: collect E-Waste and dispose of it properly. And he got the city of Farmington on board. On Saturday, April 14, the city will be collecting old computers, printers, cell phones and more at the City Hall parking lot from 8:00am to 11:00am. Farmington mayor Dave Millheim says that he expects many city governments to turn their attention to E-Waste disposal in efforts such as this.

New choir helps dementia patients and caregivers in Utah

By kslmrichards at 04/11/2018 6:00 am         
The power of music is connecting families, and bringing back memories in Salt Lake City. A new choir is made up of dementia patients and their caregivers, who are finding joy again through music.

Utah ties for last in fair gender pay scale, according to recent report

By BriannaBodilyKSL at 04/10/2018 8:29 pm         
A new report places Utah last of the fifty states when it comes to fair pay between genders. The report authors are urging the state to catch up.