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7 injured, 2 critically, after Hildale UTV crash, officials say

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted Jul 15th - 12:11pm

A crash involving an off-road vehicle and an SUV left two juveniles in critical condition and five other people with injuries on Saturday, officials confirmed.

Live updates: Crews continue fighting Dollar Ridge Fire in Duchesne County

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted Jul 14th - 8:46pm

At least eleven wildfires are still burning across the state, but most are at least half-contained.

Flash flooding contaminates Panguitch water source

Wendy Leonard, KSL  |  Posted Jul 14th - 7:10pm

Residents of Panguitch are being asked not to drink or use any culinary water, as it has been contaminated following flash flooding.

Flash floods, mudslides surface in southern Utah after thunderstorms

Andrew Adams, KSL TV  |  Posted Jul 13th - 5:47pm

Powerful thunderstorms created flooding and mudslides in several areas Thursday, and another mud flow from a burn scar in Beaver County led to a close call for at least one driver.

Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway reopens, some trails still closed after flooding

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted Jul 13th - 4:39pm

The Zion-Mt. Carmel Highway has reopened after several days of closures due to heavy rain and storm damage in Zion National Park.

Man charged in Colorado boy's kidnapping to be extradited

Annie Knox, KSL  |  Posted Jul 13th - 10:44am

A man accused of kidnapping a 12-year-old boy in Colorado who was found naked with the child near Panguitch Lake has agreed to be transported back to Colorado to face charges there.

Rep. Bishop: Endangered Species Act 'most inept program we have'

Amy Joi O'Donoghue, KSL  |  Posted Jul 13th - 9:51am

Would you change anything that's 45 years old? Critics of the Endangered Species Act said it's due for a makeover. The Congressional Western Caucus wants to perform major surgery, but groups say it will produce ugly results that hurt wildlife.

More flash flooding forces trail closures at Zion National Park, 3 small wildfires spark

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted Jul 12th - 8:21pm

All of Zion National Park was under a flash flood warning until Thursday night, officials said.

Wildfire updates: Crews gain some control of Deer Creek Fire, SR-130 closed after Black Mountain Fire

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jul 12th - 7:09pm

There were 11 wildfires actively burning across Utah Thursday morning, according to Utah Fire Info. This is an active blog updating firefighter progress on each one.

Flash floods, rockslides trap visitors in Zion National Park

Ashley Imlay, KSL  |  Posted Jul 12th - 4:08pm

People trapped by rockslides at Zion National Park were told to shelter in place Wednesday evening, according to dispatchers.

Toxic air in rural America?

Amy Joi O'Donoghue, KSL  |  Posted Jul 12th - 3:03pm

People may assume rural America doesn't have its air pollution problems, but that isn't always the case. A new study highlights an area of Utah were ozone is a strong concern and health risk for its residents. The feds say something must be done.

State officials, volunteers shore up Navajo homes against desert's 'brutal wind'

Jed Boal, KSL TV  |  Posted Jul 12th - 10:37am

The people of the Navajo Nation in Utah endure some of the harshest weather across the country. In an exclusive tour, KSL TV takes a look at how volunteers help families fortify their homes against harsh winds, sandstorms and the blistering sun.

Roads closed due to rock slides in Zion National Park as flooding continues

Jacob Klopfenstein,  |  Posted Jul 11th - 10:13pm

Several roads have been closed in Zion National Park after the area received 3 inches of rain in a short period of time, officials said.

Heroes or criminals? Trump pardons 2 Oregon ranchers

Andrew Selsky, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 10th - 9:44pm

Rugged individualists to some, dangerous arsonists to others, a father and son who were convicted of intentionally setting fires on public land in Oregon were pardoned Tuesday by President Donald Trump.

Charges: Utah man carjacks woman, later writes apology letter

Pat Reavy, KSL  |  Posted Jul 10th - 3:02pm

A man accused of carjacking a woman at knifepoint and then writing her an apology letter after being caught was charged Tuesday.

Truck crash spills more waste from Colorado mine into creek

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 10th - 11:22am

A truck hauling waste from a Colorado mine — the source of a 2015 spill that polluted rivers in three states— crashed into a creek on Monday, spilling at least some of its load into the water, authorities said.

Free speech or criminal intent? Court considers cattle case

Amy Joi O'Donoghue, KSL  |  Posted Jul 10th - 8:22am

A panel of justices is weighing whether to hear a case involving cattle, a locked gate, free speech and criminal intent that happened in San Juan County. The case would put an environmental activist on trial for her alleged actions on cattle land.

Police: Man runs over officer’s foot, tries to drive off with another cop sticking out of window

Spencer Ricks, St. George News  |  Posted Jul 9th - 9:07pm

What started with a routine traffic stop on a vehicle with a headlight out ended with an arrest on the driver for assaulting a police officer Saturday night in St. George.

Section of popular mountain bike trail reopens in area affected by 2017 wildfire

Carter Williams,  |  Posted Jul 9th - 8:03pm

Brian Head town officials say a section of a popular mountain biking trail closed since a massive 2017 wildfire in southern Utah has reopened.

Utah militia leader who tried to blow up BLM cabin released from jail

Dennis Romboy, KSL  |  Posted Jul 9th - 12:35pm

A Utah militia leader who tried to blow up a remote Bureau of Land Management cabin won't have to spend more time behind bars after a federal judge released him Monday.