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The % of women GMs in Utah is half what it was 4 years ago!

Originally aired: Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dr. Susan Madsen is a professor of Leadership and Ethics at UVU and Director of the Utah Women and Leadership Project. Dr. Madsen gives the Women's View panel a status report on whether we've made progress in women in business. "In our other reports we've found slight progress. In this report, our numbers have decreased. In the C Suite and general managers, 4 years ago the number was 20% and it went down 10%. Corporate boards decreased from 14 to 12%." She doesn't know exactly why, but perhaps it is related to our welcoming so many tech companies to Utah which are heavily male. Michelle Arnold is a professor of physics at Weber State and on the board of directors of the Good Foundations Academy. "My field is physics and the number of women going into my field is less than men. We have made some progress, but we need to make a lot more. We have a women in physics club at Weber State to try to foster more interest and maintain women in that field." All the women's groups can be found at Linda Eyre, author of the new book "Grandmothering - The Secrets to Making a Difference While Having the Time of Your Life" said "I'm so happy to see what's happening for women since I was young. The pilot of that plane that went down was a woman. What a role model."