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Solid gold toilet stolen from Winston Churchill's birthplace

Gregory Katz, Associated Press  |  Updated Sep 14th - 12:39pm

A unique solid gold toilet that was part of an art exhibit was stolen early Saturday from the magnificent home in England where British wartime leader Winston Churchill was born.

California Highway Patrol captures flightless fugitive emu

The Associated Press  |  Updated Sep 14th - 12:18pm

California authorities have captured an emu after the flightless fugitive led officers down a highway.

Stinky shoppers unoffended after Mississippi store bans them

The Associated Press  |  Updated Sep 14th - 9:46am

You stink, stay out!

Pig-headed pig's escapades cause owner to face citations

The Associated Press  |  Updated Sep 13th - 11:19am

This little piggy should have stayed home.

9-pound, 11-ounce Tennessee baby is born on 9/11 at 9:11

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 13th - 6:31am

A Mississippi couple welcomed a 9-pound, 11-ounce baby into the world on 9/11, at 9:11 p.m.

Eno the elusive emu dies during capture in North Carolina

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 13th - 5:26am

Animal control officials in North Carolina are sad to report that an elusive emu has died while being captured.

Swede has arm amputated after Castro's crocodile bit him

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 13th - 3:34am

A Swedish newspaper says a man who was bitten by a crocodile that once belonged to late Cuban leader Fidel Castro has had his arm amputated.

Couple charged for spending over $100K in accidental deposit

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 10th - 9:58am

A Pennsylvania couple who police say went on a spending spree after a bank accidentally deposited $120,000 into their account are headed to trial.

Florida school finds bearded dragon in student's backpack

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 10th - 7:11am

A Florida school district says an unusual passenger was found in a student's backpack.

Car crashes into health club's indoor pool, injures swimmer

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 9th - 2:52pm

Police say a car smashed through the window of a health club in Ohio and landed in its swimming pool, injuring one person who was in the water.

Sweden rejects TRUMP vanity license plate request

The Associated Press  |  Updated Sep 9th - 7:45am

Swedish authorities say that a man has been denied a vanity plate with the letters TRUMP because it violated motor vehicle department rules, calling the letter combination "offensive."

Wheels stolen from New Mexico speed limit monitoring device

The Associated Press  |  Updated Sep 6th - 11:29am

A mobile speed limit monitoring trailer in Albuquerque can still monitor speeding motorists but can't be moved because thieves recently stole its tires.

Man calls police demanding they return his stolen pot

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 6th - 6:38am

A man confused about Ohio drug laws has called a police department demanding that officers return the small amount of marijuana they "stole" from him.

Intoxicated Utah woman called police to report drunk driver

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 5th - 10:18pm

A Utah woman has been sentenced to jail time after calling 911 to report a possible drunk driver while she was intoxicated.

Cock-a-doodle-doo! French rooster crows over court win

Nicolas Vaux-montagny, Associated Press  |  Updated Sep 5th - 10:16am

Maurice the rooster can keep crowing, a French court ruled Thursday, as it rejected a complaint from neighbors who sued over noise nuisance.

Florida man parks Smart car in kitchen so it won't blow away

The Associated Press  |  Updated Sep 5th - 6:59am

It started as a light-hearted challenge between a Florida couple, can a Smart car fit into their kitchen? The answer: Yes it can.

Around 2,000 people vie to prove German city doesn't exist

The Associated Press  |  Updated Sep 5th - 6:48am

Around 2,000 people are vying to win 1 million euros ($1.1 million) offered by a German city to anyone who can deliver solid proof it doesn't exist.

Texas Popeye's ran out of chicken sandwiches, man pulls gun

The Associated Press  |  Updated Sep 3rd - 3:32pm

Police say a man pulled a gun at a Popeyes restaurant in Houston after being told they were out of chicken sandwiches.

Rapper DMX helps family with back-to-school purchases

The Associated Press  |  Posted Sep 3rd - 7:55am

Rapper DMX has helped a Maine family with its back-to-school purchases.

Connecticut man walking from Yankee Stadium to Fenway Park

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 31st - 9:00am

A 76-year-old Connecticut man is walking from Yankee Stadium to Fenway Park in an effort to promote peace and not just between the two fan bases.