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Need an MRI? Get pricing before you make an appointment

Need an MRI? Get pricing before you make an appointment

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Nobody wants to make a call to their insurance company. The waiting, the complexity and the runarounds can be exhausting. But, as many Utahns have experienced, it's worth it.

If your doctor orders an MRI, often the hospital or clinic they refer you to is the only place you think you can go.

But that's not true.

Each place will charge a different price for an MRI—and what your insurance will cover is another factor to consider.

For example, Maddie's neurologist gave her an order for a brain MRI. Her doctor works at a private clinic, so she was referred to a larger health organization in Salt Lake for the scan. What Maddie didn't know is the price the larger organization would charge and the amount her insurance would cover. Since these prices aren't easily accessible and transparent, she got the scan, hoping the price wouldn't be astronomical.

Weeks after the scan, she received a bill. Of course, it was much higher than she expected, even after her insurance (and secondary insurance) covered their contracted amount.

Years later, after experience and several high bills, Maddie realized there's a better way to get medical care. Though it's a hassle—it's worth it.

Price out your medical scans

According to Jeanne Pinder of, you can find out the billing code of your procedure, like an MRI, and then ask your provider how much they charge for it. You can also search on the website

But that's not the end of it. You'll also need to ask for the price of the other charges, like a facility charge, how much it costs the radiologist to read the scan, etc. Make sure all of these charges fall under your in-network umbrella.

Talk to your insurance

After you determine the pricing of the whole scan, you'll need to talk with your insurance provider and determine how much you'll owe. That might include deductibles, co-pays and percentages you'll need to cover. You will also want to ask if you need pre-authorization, as the insurance company might not cover any part of the scan without it, says.

Need an MRI? Get pricing before you make an appointment

Skip the hassle and get a low-cost MRI

If all of this seems overwhelming, just skip it. Get an affordable, often same-day MRI with Dr. Taylor at TaylorMed MRI. They cut out all of the hassle and unnecessary processes of getting a scan and your results—as it should be.

When you choose TaylorMed, you don't need a doctor's order, insurance, or to schedule out weeks in advance. You can expect a simple $399 fee, which covers the scan, the board-certified radiologist reading, and your office visit. Within 24 business hours, you'll have a copy of your results that you can take to your doctor.

You'll also choose a stress-free environment. TaylorMed's offices—in Lindon and in Murray—are calm, beautiful, and quiet. You'll often be the only patient there, so you know you'll get the attention and dedication you deserve. Unlike a hospital MRI, you won't sit in a dark waiting room alone waiting for someone to come and get you. You also won't be around illness like you would in a hospital.

Bankrate says the cost of an MRI can reach up to $3,500. At a TaylorMed location, you'll only pay $399. Make your appointment for a scan this week (maybe even today) by calling 385-831-7674 or online at


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