10 most popular movies and shows in Netflix history — by millions of hours viewed

The gang investigates a new mystery in Stranger Things, Season 4, the most-watched show on Netflix.

The gang investigates a new mystery in Stranger Things, Season 4, the most-watched show on Netflix. (Netflix)

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STREAMTOWN — In 2008, my wife and I were living in a small studio apartment in Harlem that we couldn't afford.

Our apartment had a bed, a stove and a shower. Our most prized possession was a box fan, which was the only way we could beat the New York summer heat, as we didn't have air conditioning.

We didn't have money for Broadway shows and our diet consisted of boxed macaroni and cheese and off-brand Pop Tarts. We spent most nights in our small apartment and needed some entertainment. Streaming wasn't really a thing yet and considering I was working 60-plus hours a week at an unpaid internship and my wife was temping at various spots around town for about $10 an hour, we didn't have the money to buy seasons of shows on iTunes.

This is when we signed up for Netflix and got DVDs sent to us in the mail.

Our first addiction was "Lost" and we've never looked back. At the time, Netflix wasn't making original shows and we'd browse what discs they had available.

My, how things have changed. I'm no longer working a job for free, my wife has a doctorate degree and temp jobs are in the rearview mirror. Our home has central air and Netflix is packed with original programming and has let the mail delivery service die out.

Love or hate the streaming giant, it is No. 1 for a reason and that is people watch its content.

The streaming service recently released its Top 10 most watched shows, and while the titles may not surprise you, the amount of hours these shows have been streamed may give you pause.

Yes, 'Stranger Things 4' has been watched enough times to account for 89,000 years. Insanity.

Netflix released its Top 10 most-streamed shows, using data from the first 28 days the shows were available. Here is the list of Top 10, along with how many hours of viewing the show has received.

  1. "Stranger Things 4," 781,040,000 hours viewed
  2. "Bridgerton: Season 2," 656,260,000 hours viewed
  3. "Bridgerton: Season 1," 625,490,000 hours viewed
  4. "Stranger Things 3," 582,100,000 hours viewed
  5. "Lucifer: Season 5," 569,480,000 hours viewed
  6. "The Witcher: Season 1," 541,010,000 hours viewed
  7. "Inventing Anna: Limited Series," 511,920,000 hours viewed
  8. "13 Reasons Why: Season 2," 496,120,000 hours viewed
  9. "Ozark: Season 4," 491,090,000 hours viewed
  10. "The Witcher: Season 2," 484,340,000 hours viewed

To put this in perspective, in the first 28 days of "Stranger Things 4" had over 781 million total hours of viewing on the streaming service. That is the equivalent of just over 89,000 years. Yes, people have watched "Stranger Things 4" enough times to account for 89,000 years. Insanity.

Even the last show on the list, "The Witcher: Season 2," equals over 55,000 years watched. And, that's just in the first 28 days it was on Netflix.

In addition to TV shows, Netflix also likes to dabble in movies. Using the same metrics here are the Top 10 Netflix films.

  1. "Red Notice," 364,020,000 hours viewed
  2. "Don't Look Up," 359,790,000 hours viewed
  3. "Bird Box," 282,020,000 hours viewed
  4. "The Adam Project," 233,160,000 hours viewed
  5. "Extraction," 231,340,000 hours viewed
  6. "The Unforgivable," 214,700,000 hours viewed
  7. "The Irishman," 214,570,000 hours viewed
  8. "The Kissing Booth 2," 209,250,000 hours viewed
  9. "6 Underground," 205,470,000 hours viewed
  10. "Spenser Confidential," 197,320,000 hours viewed

What are your favorite Netflix shows and movies and how many hours did you contribute to the overall viewing?

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