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Have You Seen This? Just a turtle high fiving an alligator

By John Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Sep. 11, 2020 at 4:03 p.m.

THE FRIENDSHIP BAYOU — High fives are quite possibly the pinnacle of friendship. Let me explain.

Think back to high school. I know it's painful for some of us, but just humor me. When you were walking down the halls there were different levels of salutations depending on the level of friendship. Those you recognized from a class but didn't actually know their name might get a quick, "Hey," or there was no communication at all. Those who were considered buddies — your group of friends would sometimes hang out with his or her group of friends — would usually get some eye contact and a head nod.

Then there were your friends, the people who you spent way too much time; those with whom you considered calling each other "moron" a term of endearment. You did not need to exchange any verbal communication with this person. You didn't need to even make eye contact with this person in the hall. That's because your auras could feel each other approaching and your muscle memory would kick in. Endorphins would be sent through your body and the synapse in your brain would raise your arm to the sky and, in perfect timing, your palms would meet in to create the world's most satisfying high five.

This is how I know this turtle and this alligator aren't just acquaintances that live in the same body of water or even buddies who often cross paths. They're friends — best friends, even.

What at first looks like a potentially horrifying scene as the turtle approaches the gator turns out to be the ultimate show of kinship as the two animals casually high five one another and continue on with their day. It also turns out there is much more to this story than meets the eye.

"Tabitha the gator and Sophia the turtle live in the canal behind our house," the YouTube description reads. "We moved to Florida in May to open our non-profit organization geared towards helping disabled Veterans, and my wife who struggles with depression/anxiety goes out to the dock daily to talk to the animals and silently record them. This has helped her deal with isolation during the pandemic. On July 27, 2020 we captured this amazing high-five. The neighbors got permits in August to have Tabitha and her brother removed from the canal. Tabitha dodged the traps and continues to thrive with her friend Sophia the turtle. We are glad this video has made people as happy as it made us. Nature is a beautiful healer."

Tabitha decided Sophia wasn't a good morning snack, but rather a friend. So, if these two can reach the level of friendship to be unconsciously high fiving, then think of some of the amazing relationships we never thought were possible just waiting for us out there — and all the hands waiting to be high fived.

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