Have You Seen This? Guy saves baby eagle from middle of the lake

Have You Seen This? Guy saves baby eagle from middle of the lake

(Instagram, Brett Bacon)

'MERICA LAKE — The Fourth of July conjures images of fireworks, Uncle Sam, BBQs and eagles. Now, in addition to all that, it will make me think of baby eagles stranded in a lake saved by some dude trying to show off to his baby son.

Brett Bacon was out on a lake in British Columbia with his significant other and their infant son when they saw a baby eagle stranded and struggling on the water. Brett stopped the boat, leaned over the side and picked that majestic symbol of America right out of the water. (Let's just ignore the fact this didn't happen in the U.S.A., shall we? The story sounds better that way.)

Anyway, Brett picked up this baby eagle — yes, that's a baby — and hauled it into the boat. This bird of prey fights Brett a bit and even latches on to him at one point with its massive talon. Brett lets out a yelp but stays as cool as the other side of the pillow. He manages to gently hold the bird to keep it from flying away and getting back into the same trouble and keep himself safe from those feet that like to rip things to shreds.

In his Instagram post Brett said, "Happy 4th of July. Saved a baby eagle from drowning in the middle of the lake, had to prove to my son I’m cool."

You proved to us you're cool, but I'm not sure your son cares yet. As a father, I'll let you know he'll see this video later and think you're wildly cool, but only from age 5 to about 13. Then things will take a weird turn. At around 21 years old, he'll think you're cool again. And finally by 30, he'll still think you're cool but also weird and getting weirder by the day. It's something with sons and dads, but enjoy.

Way to go, Brett, on saving that bird. Way to go, Brett's love, for getting it on camera, cheering him on and driving the boat. And way to go, Brett’s son, for sleeping through the whole thing like a champ.

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