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Need a new spring hike? Try Stealth Trail to Glenwild Loop

By Cara MacDonald, Contributor | Posted - May 13, 2020 at 12:17 p.m.

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PARK CITY — Cool spring temperatures in the mountains and rapidly blooming wildflowers have made the Stealth Trail to Glenwild Loop trail a treasure for hikers and mountain bikers alike.

This hike, which is dry due to its heavy sun exposure, is a moderate hike through Park City’s rolling hills. The Glenwild area is ideal during the short spring timeframe where the landscape is green and wildflowers are bursting into color. Though moderately well-trafficked by hikers, runners and cyclists, this loop may provide a welcome escape from the crowded trails around the Salt Lake Valley.

The best place to park for this trail is the small parking lot off of Glenwild Drive, just before the road crosses a bridge and begins to slope uphill. There is a trailhead toward both the left and right side (and they connect in a loop), but the ideal place to start is to the right.

Enjoy zigzagging up switchbacks for about a mile and a half. Toward the top, you will encounter a bench to your left with stunning views of Kimball Junction. From there, cross the road and pick up the trail again on the other side of the street. Follow this path for another mile or so, enjoying the soaring views.

The next divergence of paths will appear as one path slanting to the left while the one you are on continues to go straight. A diversion to the left will shorten the trek to around 3 miles with a series of left turns and switchbacks leading back toward the parking lot. Continue to go straight and the trail will continue to ascend for another mile before spitting hikers out onto a slanting gravel road. Take a left down the road until it connects back onto the trail a short way down.

This trail will lead you straight back to the parking lot where you began, with a couple of miles of beautiful meadows and rolling trails in between. As you descend, be aware of loose rocks and technical terrain.

This well-marked trail is about 4.6 miles and of moderate difficulty. It is used by hikers, runners, cyclists and horseback riders alike, so keep trail etiquette in mind and yield as needed.

Additionally, be wary of getting too close to other trailgoers, as COVID-19 may still be spread on the trail system. Caution is highly encouraged, and when passing others seek to get as much distance as possible. Remember to keep at least 6 feet distance between others.

You can learn more about this trail here.


Cara MacDonald

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