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Have You Seen This? Everyone hates working from home

By Lauren Bennett, | Posted - Mar. 25, 2020 at 4:34 p.m.

SELF ISO-HATE-ION — Well it’s day 408 of quarantine life. Wait, what? It’s only like day 10?

I’m not going to make it.

And others are struggling, too.

But, at least most people are finding humor in the situation.

One such video, only 13 seconds long, made me laugh immediately. And again. And again. Because I cannot stop watching it.

It’s pretty simple: If given one choice to A) quarantine with your spouse and children or — yes. The second one. We don’t even need to hear what the second one is, because we choose B.

In the video, the way the man answers “B” makes me laugh every single time.

Having kids constantly around while trying to focus on work can’t be much fun. But for us unmarried, kidless folk, it hasn’t been all roses either.

I did not realize how much of my weekly social interaction was from going into the office and seeing my coworkers.

Getting used to my new “office” (my kitchen table and, let’s be honest, sometimes my bed) has been an unexpected struggle.

I definitely related to this video of a man shooting a title sequence set to the music of "The Office."

Thankfully, the internet exists and we can all talk about how weird this is and laugh about it.

At the end of the day, everyone struggling to work from home is grateful to still have a job they can do from home. Of course, we are grateful for the small role we can play in flattening the curve and preventing the novel coronavirus spread.

Those of us who are still healthy are obviously also glad the worst thing going on for us right now is a little cabin fever.

If you’ve been blessed enough to keep your income during these tough times, maybe consider doing a service for someone who hasn’t been as lucky.

We’ll get through this, crying and laughing together along the way.

Lauren Bennett

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