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10 easy peanut recipes for National Peanut Month

By Rebecca Clyde, Contributor | Posted - Mar. 19, 2020 at 8:49 p.m.

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SALT LAKE CITY — Happy National Peanut Month (and also National Nutrition Month)! As a food-loving dietitian, I am partial to peanuts. They're usually more affordable than other nuts, they use far less water than other nuts and are pretty easy to find at convenience and grocery stores.

They were a staple in my house growing up, as they may have been in yours. Research from the American Academy of Pediatrics shows that early introduction of peanut products reduces the risk of developing a peanut allergy. Whether you eat peanuts plain, via peanut butter, peanut butter powder or in any other form, you can enjoy the taste and be happy to have saved water and money through your purchase.

Here are 10 delicious peanut recipes from registered dietitians to help you use that jar of peanut butter or other peanut products to make more than just your traditional, yet scrumptious, PB&J.

Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes via Brittany Poulson of Your Choice Nutrition

(Photo: Brittany Poulson)

These whole wheat pancakes are packed with protein thanks to the peanut butter. They'll satisfy your craving for comfort food and keep you feeling full all morning long.

Healthy Breakfast Cookies via Jenna Braddock of Make Healthy Easy

(Photo: Jenna Braddock)

This is the perfect recipe to meal prep for an easy, grab-and-go breakfast all week. Peanut butter is the main fat source, making it good for you and really tasty.

Banana Peanut Butter Snack Bites via sports dietitian consultant Kelly Jones

(Photo: Kelly Jones)

These banana peanut butter snack bites are perfect as a snack for both kids and adults. They can even be paired with hard boiled eggs for an on-the-go breakfast.

Wild Blueberry Peanut Butter Smoothie via Amy Gorin

(Photo: Amy Gorin)

This filling smoothie combines the best of both worlds: peanut butter and berries. Have it for breakfast or eat a half portion as a snack.

Sweet Potato Cookie Dough Dip via Sarah Schlichter

(Photo: Sarah Schlichter)

This vegan cookie dough is the perfect appetizer for your sweet tooth. The recipe is made with natural ingredients and goes perfectly with fruit, chocolate and graham crackers.

Spicy Vegan Peanut Butter Tofu via Shahzadi Devje of Desi~licious

(Photo: Shahzadi Devje)

Crispy on the outside and silky on the inside, these scrumptious vegan peanut butter tofu cubes are coated with a garlicky, nutty and sriracha glaze to create an unbelievably simple and flavor-packed recipe. You can add to salads, stir-fries, curries or enjoy as is.

Thai Chicken Salad with Thai Peanut Dressing via Kara Lydon of Kara Lydon Nutrition

(Photo: Kara Lydon)

This Thai chicken salad with Thai peanut dressing is a salad you’re going to want repeatedly. With bold flavors and textures, it’s one super satisfying meal.

Peanut Ginger Cauliflower Burgers via Rachael Hartley of Rachael Hartley Nutrition

(Photo: Rachael Hartley)

These peanut ginger cauliflower burgers are packed with flavor from ginger and soy sauce. You can serve them on a bun with avocado and sriracha mayo.

Sweet & Sour Scallop Kabobs via Jenny Shea Rawn of My Cape Code Kitchen

(Photo: Jenny Shea Rawn)

This recipe involves succulent sea scallops, crisp broccoli florets and sweet pineapple chunks brushed in a soy ginger marinade. They're then grilled to perfection and served with a soy ginger peanut sauce. This is an easy, kid-friendly and over-the-top-delicious meal idea that's perfect for busy nights.

Vegan Chocolate Pudding via Amy Gorin

(Photo: Amy Gorin)

This vegan chocolate pudding is perfect for when you want to indulge in something that isn't full of added sugar. You get that here with the combination of powdered peanut butter, cocoa powder and banana.

Protein Energy Balls

(Photo: Rebecca Clyde)

And as a bonus recipe, these peanut butter bits are my favorite. They're great for a quick snack, breakfast or even dessert.

So go ahead, choose one of these delicious recipes featuring peanuts or peanut butter and enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a quick snack and dessert.

Editor’s note: Rebecca is a Peanut Ambassador for the National Peanut Board. She was not paid for this article, neither has she had a paid relationship with them in the past. All opinions in this piece are strictly hers and the opinions of the authors of recipes included in this article.

Rebecca Clyde

About the Author: Rebecca Clyde

Rebecca is a registered dietitian nutritionist who specializes in helping women find happiness and feel comfortable in their skin by empowering them to nourish their minds and their bodies. She also works tirelessly to help people reject the unrealistic and dangerous expectations for women to look a certain way and enjoys helping women improve their body image. She runs a Salt Lake City-based nutrition business nutrition business. You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and her free private Facebook support group for food and health inspiration. You can also download her complimentary list of healthy foods to save you hours in the kitchen each week.

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