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Utah fire chief, baby he delivered, meet up 22 years later

By Alex Cabrero, KSL TV | Posted - Jan. 9, 2020 at 9:03 a.m.

HURRICANE — A paramedic who delivered a baby in Southern Utah 22 years ago was surprised to see him again at a Washington County restaurant.

You can order almost anything at TJ’s Restaurant in Hurricane. What Eddie Campbell got Tuesday afternoon, though, was a total shock.

“I had no idea. It was a great surprise,” Campbell said with a laugh.

He and his friends were sitting down for lunch when Truman Lambros stopped in to say hello.

“I can’t believe this. It seems like yesterday,” said Campbell while hugging Lambros.

It had been a while since Campbell has seen Lambros. Especially since Campbell, a former fire chief and paramedic in Hurricane, was there the day Lambros was born.

“I remember the call coming in,” said Campbell.

Now age 22, Lambros decided to come into this world a couple of weeks early. It surprised his mother.

“By the time I realized he was coming now, it was a little late,” said Charise Lambros.

She called 911 emergency dispatchers for help.

Deputy Kurt Wright with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office just happened to be in the area and went to their house.

“I saw her laying on the bed, and I did observe the child’s head coming out and it terrified me,” said Wright.

Fortunately for Wright, Campbell was also on his way and got there just in time.

“The baby’s head was indeed crowning, which (means) imminent delivery,” said Campbell. “They were not going to the hospital with this one.”

Eddie Campbell, a former fire chief and paramedic in Hurricane, hugs Truman Lambros, who Campbell delivered as a baby in southern Utah 22 years ago Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020. Photo: KSL TV

Campbell and Wright both knew they had to deliver the baby right there on the bed.

“I just stood there and didn’t know what to say, and I said push,” said Wright with a laugh. “She pushed, and he just came right out.”

Baby Truman was born.

“That was my only delivery. We had several close calls, but Truman was the highlight of my career,” said Campbell. “All the bad things that have happened in all my years of doing the job, all the lives lost and traumatic injuries and heart attacks — Truman made up for a good story in all of that.”

Two decades later, they met again.

“They remembered that much — and that I was that big of a highlight to their careers. It makes me feel awesome,” said Truman.

All the bad things that have happened in all my years of doing the job ... Truman made up ... for all of that.

–Eddie Campbell

The Lambros family moved to Texas for a while, but have since moved back in Southern Utah.

Wright helped set up the surprise.

“We’ve been planning this for weeks,” he said.

They said they were ready to rekindle an old meeting into a lasting friendship.

“I hope to continue this through the rest of my life, to have contact with this wonderful family,” said Campbell. “That was a great day.”

Alex Cabrero

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