Back to school: Finding the best water bottle for the school day

By Mike Headrick, KSL TV | Posted - Aug. 30, 2019 at 7:43 p.m.

SALT LAKE CITY – Equipping kids with reusable water bottles goes a long way in keeping them hydrated throughout the school day.

Experts say hydration gives them concentration and cognitive function. What’s the best way for your student to keep that water handy, though? There’s a lot more to consider when choosing a water bottle besides style and price.

Whether your student is a big kid, a tween or a teenager, a water bottle for school has become a must. KSL TV put five water bottles to the test: Hydro Flask, Thermoflask, CamelBak Eddy, Ozark Trail and Contigo.

They range in price from $8.47 to $29.95. We asked five thirsty kids to help test ease of use, leakability, temperature and durability.


Ease of use

The Hydro Flask, Thermoflask and CamelBak tied — they were easiest to open.

Our kid testers ran into the most trouble with the Ozark Trail bottle. More than once, the screw cap became a bear to open.


Our team flipped their bottles upside down to see how much water their open straw lids spilled out.

There wasn’t a drop from the Contigo AUTOSEAL. The worst leaker was the ThermoFlask kids bottle.


After filling each bottle with ice water, we measured the temperature eight hours later.

The winner was the Ozark Trail at 56.1 degrees. The warmest water was found in the CamelBak Eddy at 68.6 degrees.


In our durability test, our kid testers got the drop on each bottle. There were some dents and some scratches.

The bottle that emerged most unscathed was the Hydro Flask Kids.

After four tests, the Hydro Flask came out on top with the most No. 1 wins. However, you can purchase the runner-up, the Contigo, for about half the cost of the Hydro Flaks. The Ozark Trail ranked last overall, although it did keep the water the coldest.


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