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New 'Frozen II' trailer hints at secrets in Elsa's past

By Jacob Klopfenstein, | Posted - Jun. 11, 2019 at 10:32 a.m.

THE NORTH — While the original “Frozen” was a more intimate story of love between two sisters, it seems the hotly anticipated sequel will expand on the world of Arendelle and may even reveal why Elsa was born with magical powers.

“Frozen II,” the sequel to Disney’s 2013 megahit, debuts in theaters Nov. 22. Stars Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff return, while Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown will join the cast.

In a new trailer that debuted Tuesday morning, Pabbie, the leader of the trolls, implores Elsa to “find the truth” by traveling north. In another remark that is sure to generate dozens of fan theories, Pabbie also tells her that “the past is not what it seems.”

Could that be a hint that there’s something more to the story of Elsa and Anna’s parents, or some other secret that will be revealed this fall? Don’t expect Disney to give you too many more clues before the movie opens, though.

Also seen in the trailer is, unsurprisingly, a dazzling series of animated images from the new movie, featuring the story’s heroes in various stages of mild peril.

Elsa encounters a magical underwater ice horse, a mythical pair of hulking figures that dissolve magically into a flock of birds, and an ominous giant. Later, a jumping pink fire creature sets a forest ablaze, and Elsa and Anna are seen among pillars in a Stonehenge-esque monument of some sort.

Toward the end of the trailer, Pabbie acknowledges that they have always feared that Elsa’s powers were too much for the world, but now he wonders if they will be enough. “Frozen” fans will have to wait until November to see which turns out to be true.

Will audiences find the sequel’s apparent bold world building too ambitious, or will they rediscover the same magic from the original as Elsa learns more about her own extraordinary powers?

Since the first “Frozen” made nearly $1.3 billion six years ago, the latter seems a safe bet. Let us know what you think of the new trailer in the comments.

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