Have You Seen This? Camel hauls car out of snow

By Xoel Cardenas, | Posted - Feb 11th, 2019 @ 4:10pm

COLD, SNOWY RUSSIA — If you thought this past weekend’s winter storm here in Utah caused problems, that’s nothing compared to snowstorms in Russia.

With crazy snowstorms come crazy snow-related happenings. And this video is no exception.

Volgograd is a historic city in Russia. And like most major cities in the country, Volgograd gets its fair share of snow. On this day, an AvtoVAZ Lada Niva (a car manufactured in Russia) is stuck on a very snow-packed road. Normally, we’d see a tow truck or even a snowplow come to the rescue.

But not here, though. Nope. This job requires a special kind of towing from … a camel.

Yes, the animal commonly associated with desert journeys is the best idea for trying to pull out of the snow a small vehicle that probably weighs a fraction of common cars.

In this video, the camel begins to pull forward as a man gets into the stranded car. The man puts the car in reverse and punches it. Meanwhile, the camel (with instructions from its handler) gives a few more pulls (you can hear a few men laughing at the situation). Finally, the camel gives one last strong pull and the car is out of the snow.

The man filming couldn’t help but give a big laugh seeing the camel turn into an effective (and hairy) tow truck.

I doubt camels used as tow trucks will ever be the norm. But at least it’s nice that this friendly camel was able to help out during another cold winter day.

Lastly, to the owner of the stuck car: might want to consider getting a bigger car that won’t get stuck so easily in the snow. Perhaps buy a car like the vehicle with the giant tires that can be seen at the end of the video.

It is Russia, just saying.

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