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Have You Seen This? How not to remove icicles from your roof

By Mary Dalrymple, | Posted - Jan 11th, 2019 @ 1:15pm

RUSSIA, OBVS — If you live in a very cold place, you might be used to dealing with icicles hanging from your roof each winter.

In Russia, I'm sure this is a regular problem.

But despite that, the guys in this video still run into some trouble while removing an absolutely massive icicle from the roof of a building.

According to the video's description, this took place Wednesday in Saratov, Russia. In the video, a crew has arrived to take care of some icicles that must be at least 8-feet in size. A man standing inside a crane reaches out with a pole to start knocking the icicle down.

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At first, his attempts seem futile. Only small pieces of the icicle break off with each tap of the pole. But then, he hits it in just the right place, and the entire heavy icicle comes crashing down. And it takes out several pieces of the roof on its way.

"A dangerous incident captured on film," the video description says.

The crash is pretty dramatic, and although it's very cool to see the ice abruptly crash, I agree that this incident also looks very dangerous. Fortunately, it looks like no one was injured, but there was significant damage to parts of the building. I'm no expert on ice removal, but I think we should all use this video as a lesson on how NOT to remove icicles from our roofs.

Mary Dalrymple

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