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Old fire hoses used to keep classrooms safe from gunfire

By Alex Cabrero, KSL TV | Posted - May 20th, 2018 @ 7:47pm

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GLENDALE, Ariz. – No matter what it costs, schools all across the country are trying to do whatever possible to keep students safe — especially in situations where a shooter is trying to enter into a classroom.

Still, high-tech locking mechanisms and shatter-resistant glass can affect any budget. That’s why one idea by an elementary school is about as unique as it gets; it’s cheap and it’s simple.

The Glendale Fire Department donated cut pieces of their old, decommissioned hoses to use as “safety sleeves.”

Basically, you slide a 1 foot-long piece of hose over a door arm mechanism. The hose is strong enough to prevent someone from opening the door.

The hose wouldn’t be left on the arm during the day for fire code and ADA reasons, but in an emergency situation, like a lockdown or a school shooter, the hose can quickly be placed over the door arms.

“I was like, 'Wow, that really is a simple fix,'” said Joe De la Huerta, the principal of Desert Garden Elementary School. “Being a principal, you wonder if you have enough money to do it, and if you can get somebody to help along. And so it was really nice to partner up with Glendale Fire and get it done.”

KSL called several different fire departments all across Utah to see if this is something they’re doing or have heard of. Every department who responded said this is the first they’re hearing about this and they’re interested in looking more into it.


Alex Cabrero

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