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11 things that drive you crazy when they're unreliable

By Young Automotive Group | Posted - Dec 1st, 2014 @ 2:05pm

Life. Isn't it great? It's full of all sorts of things that put mankind's temper to the test. Just when you think you've finally got control of things something tends to happen that makes the world feel like it's falling down in front of you.

Assuming you've experienced moments like these, here are 11 things that drive you crazy when they're unreliable.


Cell network

"Ugh." Perhaps the only non-profane word to describe what you're feeling when cell service goes out. Unless, of course, you're having an emergency, then one other word comes to mind, "HEEEEEEELP!"

Microsoft Word

There you are, working on a tight deadline and… wait for it… all your text is gone. Naturally, nine out of 10 times this happens before you've properly saved your work (Murphy's Law, anyone?).

Your car


Ol' Bessie did it again, huh? Not only did she break down for the fifth time this year, she's now instilled a fear in you that is unparalleled to anything else you've experienced. Can you regain the trust to let her take you from point A to B, and what about Z? In this case, sometimes enough is enough and it's time to find something more reliable.


I pay what for (insert your provider here) every month? Geez! This unfortunate event seems happen most frequently on the days you choose to work from home, have an online school assignment due or are trying to stream something you really want to watch.

Hard drive

Responsibility. It's pretty much your middle name because you back everything up and are always prepared, that is, until your hard drive crashes. Tears. Big, emotional tears.

Significant other


That person you love so much, yeah, that one. There's nothing quite like seeing that person forget a birthday, anniversary or significant event. Not to mention when he or she is late… again. Good thing you're love is unconditional, right?


Yep, you read it right, the toilet. Sometimes the porcelain throne just doesn't want to cooperate and when that happens just be glad you have a plunger — because in a time long ago, in a galaxy far far away... they didn't exist.

Garage door

Wait. Didn't you just fix that garage door last year? Now you've got that home, the one with the garage door that just doesn't seem to close all the way. Say hello to leaves, dirt and sometimes mice — they all need a home for the winter, right?

Fast Food restaurants

"Please pull forward and we'll bring you your food." The words that make you cringe. Next thing you know, 10 minutes have passed, your car is idling and you're stomach still growling. In today's "I want everything now" world, fast food chains are sure to drive you crazy when they don't live up to your expectations.


This scenario may not be as common as some of the others, but it sure can cause unequivocal grief — and it comes in many forms (leaks, broken motors, etc.). Now you've got curdled milk, mushy cheese and thawed freezer items combining their efforts to make your day that much more unpleasant. To make it worse, this often happens when folks aren't home.

Bathroom fan

You barely made it to the bathroom and just when you thought you'd found your solace you realize the fan doesn't work. The pain instantly becomes two-fold. First, going to bathroom without proper airflow... well... that's just not good for anyone (nose plug, anyone?). Second, everyone knows the fan helps mask the noise — which can be especially helpful during large gatherings.

Do you relate to any of these? Make a comment and tell us what we missed.

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