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Utah schools get high marks for affordability and value

By Becky Bruce, | Posted - Jul 28th, 2014 @ 8:58am

SALT LAKE CITY — A new ranking from MONEY Magazine shows Utah's got some great deals when it comes to college value.

Brigham Young University earned a top ten spot on MONEY's list of the best colleges, coming in at No. 9. Scoring well but farther down the list were Utah State University, at No. 107, and the University of Utah at No. 122.

"We didn't look at the prestige or the name," Kim Clark, senior writer for MONEY told Utah's Morning News on KSL Newsradio. "We just looked at who's really performing."

The magazine focused on whether students graduated with jobs, how much money they earned after graduation and how long it took to pay off college debts. By that measure, Clark said Utah families have three great options in BYU, USU and the University of Utah.

Clark said MONEY's analysis was motivated by the realities of college costs.

"A lot of people have very painful student loans to pay off, but again, Utah is a really wonderful state. You have a lot of very affordable public schools, and the average student graduates with very low debt compared to the rest of the country," Clark said, "so you're really in a great state.

According to MONEY:

  • BYU graduates spend $82,037 on their degrees but earn an average of $50,000 in salary within five years of graduation.

  • Utah State grads spend $85,983 to get their sheepskin with annual earnings at about $44,400 within five years.

  • At the University of Utah, the degree costs around $115,666, with salary averaging $46,300 within five years.

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