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Have You Seen This? 'Mother Power'

By Martha Ostergar | Posted - May 6th, 2014 @ 1:15pm

HAPPY VALLEY — Since Mother’s Day is on Sunday, wouldn’t it be nice to watch a lovely tribute to a special set of mothers: expectant mothers?

Too bad.

Instead, we have a rowdy rap about the limitless and frightening power of pregnant ladies, harvested from the brains and talents of BYUtv’s “Studio C.”

We can all agree that being pregnant is a tough circumstance for a woman’s body and hormones — everything changes. For that reason, pregnant ladies generally get a lot of leeway and help, so much so that they practically get to live by a new set of rules.

We offer expectant mothers seats in public transportation, cater to their weird cravings and give them wider emotional space and consideration. They deserve it.

But what happens when the power created by society’s deference goes to their heads? According to the video, pure terror for all non-pregnant people.

Whitney Call, Mallory Everton and Natalie Madsen rap as three pregnant ladies, wreaking havoc in the “mean streets” of Provo as the most terrifying gang the city will ever see.

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They snatch ice cream cones from kids, get the best slice of cake, get a pass on any heavy lifting and frighten grown men into locking their car doors, fully demonstrating the lyrics “A pregnant belly is equivalent to a gun, I flash this thing and people scream and run.”

I don’t mind cowering before “furious” pregnant ladies, they can have their semblance of power. Because pregnant ladies will get their comeuppance when their wee ones usurp all power right around the “terrible twos” mark.

In the meantime, I will avoid eye contact and kowtow to their needs, because “They’re big, they’re bad, they’re mad and they’re coming for ya!”

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Martha Ostergar

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