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Lt. Gov. Cox to keep roots in Fairview despite new position

By Richard Piatt | Posted - Oct 25th, 2013 @ 10:38pm

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FAIRVIEW — The town of Fairview is saying "farewell and good luck" to newly sworn-in Lt. Governor Spencer Cox as he began rearranging his life to accommodate his new position.

Utah Lt. Governor Spencer Cox is considered one of Fairview's most prominent residents among the 1,100 citizens in the farming town. He will be moving to Salt Lake City to fulfill his obligations as the newly appointed lieutenant governor, but he promises that he isn't leaving Fairview forever.

"We've got family, friends, school, everything here, we just knew it was important to stay here," Cox said. "We have about 130 acres, it extends just behind us to the east and then a mile to the west."

Even with his new, front row seat in Utah politics, Cox said that what really matters to him won't change.

"There is a place for government, and there are very important things we do. But by and large, we've expanded the scope of government too much," Cox said.

Cox — a lawyer by training — has only been in politics for a few years, but Cox's first grade teacher, Lorele Day, isn't surprised by his new position.

"He's always been real articulate, very bright. But most of all compassionate and a lover of people. He's the best," Day said.

However, Cox has had to make some sacrifices as the new lieutenant governor. His rare political break also means a basement apartment near the Capitol while his family stays in Fairview.

"With FaceTime and Skype, we're able to spend a lot more time conversing with the family, so it doesn't feel so far away," Cox said.

His wife, Emma Cox, isn't worried about his time spent away from Fairview.

"He's very efficient, and he can get a lot done in a little amount of time, so I know he'll make time for the family," she said.

Governor Herbert has asked Cox for a seven year commitment, just in case he decides to run again, so Cox said he isn't thinking beyond that yet. He said he's keeping his own political options open, but insists he'll be back in Fairveiw full-time eventually.


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