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Murray business hopes to survive nearby hotel construction

By Paul Nelson | Posted - Oct 9th, 2013 @ 7:50am

MURRAY — Some business owners in Murray say they're happy two new hotels are being built but the construction may be too much for them to survive.

The Curtis Foundation, located at 4901 S. State Street in Murray, sells things like antiques, dishes and furniture. The money it makes goes to help The Odyssey House, a place where people can go to get help for substance abuse.

Foundation Director Kaye Lee Brady said, "We've been here for two years and have been consistently growing since we moved in. When this (construction) began, everything just dropped off."

Brady said dirt coming in from the construction over the last four months is very bad for business.

"There have been vibrations from the machinery, so stuff is falling off shelves. That's been a mess," Brady said.

Plus, she said the smell from a nearby sewer line is unbearable and some of the access points into the parking lot have been closed off.

"People can't see us and we've lost two of our accesses. There were four accesses into this parking lot and we've lost two of those. [Also], the parking is extremely limited now, too," Brady said.

She has been told construction isn't scheduled to be finished until next summer but she isn't sure if her business can survive that long.

If it's going to be another three to five months, I don't know if we'll be able to make it.

–Kaye Lee Brady

"I don't know if we're going to be able to weather the storm. If it's going to be another three to five months, I don't know if we'll be able to make it," she said.

She said her neighbors have also been affected by the construction but many of those businesses have a steady group of customers. She doesn't.

Murray Mayor Dan Snarr said the new Hilton and Marriott hotels will fill a big need. People visiting loved ones at Intermountain Medical Center will have more options that will keep them close.

"The hospital is excited about them. They have a lot of people coming from outside the state that want a place to stay," Snarr said.

He also said the hotels should present fewer traffic problems than businesses like burger restaurants.

"Of all the things that could have gone in there, the least amount of traffic [came from] the Marriott," Snarr said.

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