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Chaffetz takes aim at Obama administration over Benghazi attack

By Richard Piatt | Posted - May 6th, 2013 @ 9:04pm

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WASHINGTON — Rep. Jason Chaffetz , R-Utah, is taking on the Obama administration Wednesday over what happened in Benghazi, Libya.

Chaffetz will fire questions at witnesses during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing, which will look into the Benghazi attack. His questions stem from strong feelings that the incident has been subject to cover-ups and incompetence.

"Here we are, eight months later, and we're hearing about truths that are in great contradiction to what the Obama administration is saying," Chaffetz said. "And a lot of what the Obama administration was leading us to believe, we're finding out was patently false and not true."

Scrutiny has surrounded the incident since it occurred Sept. 11, 2012. Several State Department officials stepped down, and ultimately the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took full responsibility for security leading up to the the attack.

Having gone to Benghazi himself, Chaffetz saw the aftermath of a terror attack that killed four Americans and left another injured.


"We have four dead Americans. We've got an American that's still in the hospital months later," Chaffetz said. "We have an obligation to find the truth."

Now, two days before a hearing to probe what happened, Chaffetz claims a labyrinth of lies needs to be untangled about what happened. Chaffetz also believes witnesses have been intimidated by the Obama administration on the event they're supposed to testify about what happened.

"We've had a number of whistleblowers who have come forward who want to tell their story publicly," Chaffetz said. "But (are afraid) for the retribution they might have, the repercussions they might have personally and professionally. That's very serious."

Chaffetz said those whistleblowers are ready to tell all about security decisions that were made in regards to the Libyan Embassy and when military was available. There are contradictions between those witnesses and Clinton, among others, he said.


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