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Police: Man arrested for DUI had 5 times limit of alcohol in blood

By Sandra Yi | Posted - Apr 20th, 2013 @ 11:09pm

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COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS — Police in Cottonwood Heights say they arrested a man with dangerously high blood alcohol levels last night who was carrying drugs in his car pre-packaged and ready to sell.

Around 7:45 p.m. Friday, Kevin Johnston, 27, was reported as being passed out by his car. According to police, the man's blood alcohol level was .36, nearly five times the legal limit. Police said that much alcohol could be deadly.

"He actually face planted in the middle of Creek Road, hit his face on the road and according to witnesses, knocked himself unconscious," said Cottonwood Heights police officer Kevin Wyatt.

Johnston, police said, got out of his car at 2200 East and Creek Road after it stalled. He had struck something with his car earlier, blowing out both passenger side tires. Wyatt said he then drove on the tire's rims for an extended period of time before stalling and passing out. When police arrive, Johnston's speech was slurred and he was having trouble getting up.

"The citizens are lucky that he didn't take out somebody jogging or walking or another car," Wyatt said.

When officers searched his car, they found individual packages of marijuana in a jar, a total of about 4 ounces, ready to sell. Johnston also had a drug pipe, an open bottle of beer, and a pill bottle with a fake bottom. There was nothing in it, but police said it shows intent to hide something.

Officers arrested Johnston for DUI, a felony, due to three prior DUI convictions. He faces charges of possessing marijuana with intent to distribute. Court records show that he has a history of drug charges.

Johnston was treated at the hospital for injuries to his face.


Sandra Yi

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