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Board rules man acquitted of deputy's murder to serve 10 years

By Pat Reavy | Posted - Feb 19th, 2013 @ 12:27pm

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UTAH STATE PRISON — A Utah State Prison inmate who was acquitted of murdering a sheriff's deputy will serve his entire sentence with no credit for time already served.

The Utah Board of Pardons and Parole ruled Tuesday that Roberto Miramontes Roman will serve his entire 10-year sentence with no parole or early release, he will not be given credit for time served prior to sentencing and he will be turned over to immigration officials after his sentence is completed and will likely be deported back to Mexico.

A jury acquitted Roman, 40, of capital murder last year in the shooting death of Millard County sheriff's deputy Josie Greathouse Fox. The surprise ruling sparked an outcry from law enforcers and even prompted 4th District Judge Donald Eyre to tell Roman at sentencing that he got away with murder.

Parole board member Don Blanchard repeated those sentiments while conducting Roman's initial parole hearing earlier this month.

"All suggestions are you got away from murder," he told Roman.

At one point during the hearing, Blanchard even asked Roman: "So do you feel like you got away with murder?"

It's been very devastating. He's wrecked our lives. We lost two children over this. I'm still puzzled at the jury, the way they come out on this thing.

–Russell Greathouse

Roman remained mostly quiet during the parole hearing, refusing to answer questions about what happened that night. "I'm not supposed to talk about my case. I've been advised by the Mexican consul," he said.

On the night of fatal shooting, Roman was in a car with Fox's brother, Ryan Greathouse. During the trial, Roman claimed it was Greathouse who pulled the trigger and killed his sister, contradicting earlier statements he had made to police. Ryan Greathouse, 40, died of a drug overdose 4 ½ months after his sister was killed.

During the parole hearing, Blanchard told Roman, "I guess Ryan's death gave you a bit of an out at your trial. … He was dead and gone to no longer able to refute that statement."

Again, Roman remained quiet about the facts of the case as read to him during the parole hearing, telling Blanchard that he had been advised not to talk about the case.

When asked if he had anything to say, Roman simply replied: "Nothin'." When asked what he planned to do if he were deported back to Mexico for a second time, Roman said he would stay there.

Russell Greathouse, Josie and Ryan's father, spoke briefly during the hearing about what life has been like since the loss of his children.

"It's been very devastating. He's wrecked our lives. We lost two children over this. I'm still puzzled at the jury, the way they come out on this thing," Greathouse said. "I really don't have much more to say than that, other than I'd like to get a hold of (Roman) and strangle him."

Roman was ultimately convicted of tampering with evidence and possession of a dangerous weapon. Both convictions carried maximum prison sentence of up to five years. The judge ordered Roman to serve them consecutively.


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