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Hyrum family happy to be home following nightmarish cruise

By Andrew Wittenberg | Posted - Feb 15th, 2013 @ 7:50pm

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SALT LAKE CITY — Relief finally came for a Utah family Friday afternoon, after being stranded for four days at sea on the Carnival Cruise Ship Triumph.

When the Wood family set off for Cozumel, Mexico, a week ago, they never imagined being part of a national news story when they got back. But after four days on the disabled cruise ship, they certainly are.

An engine fire on Sunday disabled much of the ship's power, leaving it floating in the Gulf of Mexico. The ship's plumbing also stopped working, and toilets started to overflow.

It was all part of an experience the Woods won't soon forget. It wasn't so much about the inconvenience — they had an upper-level room with a balcony that allowed fresh air in. The scary part, they said, was dealing with the fear of the unknown.

"Even Sunday we tried to go back to bed after it happened, but we were sleeping fully clothed with our shoes on," Toni Wood said.

They finally ported in Alabama early Friday morning, were bused to New Orleans, and then flew back to Utah Friday afternoon.

Unlike a lot of the passengers on the ship, the Woods said they will take a cruise again.

"We've been on a few (cruises) as a family, we've been on a few as a couple, and we'll definitely go again," Toni Wood said. "But we've been making a list of things we'll do differently the next time for a situation like this."

The Woods did get a refund for their cruise, free transportation back home, and $500 cash for their troubles — all courtesy Carnival Cruise Lines. They'll also get a free cruise in the future.


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