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News vehicles burglarized while reporters ride new FrontRunner line

By Randall Jeppesen and Sam Penrod | Posted - Nov 30th, 2012 @ 6:13pm

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UTAH COUNTY — The FrontRunner South line through Utah County will start boarding passengers on Saturday, Dec. 8th. The project cost over $850 million and used over 10,000 tons of rails to complete. Several reporters got to take a preview ride on the train, during which several thousand dollars of equipment were stolen.

While reporters were riding on the train, someone broke into a KSL vehicle parked at the station, and stole several thousand dollars worth of broadcasting equipment.

But, many commuters are excited about the new transportation line. On Saturday, December 8, the Utah Transit Authority will open up its FrontRunner South line, connecting Salt Lake City and Provo. The commuter rail will ease congestion in Utah County through the point of the mountain and into Salt Lake County.

"As a kid I always wanted to drive a train," said train conductor, Ananda Alles. "I'm 61 years old and you know what it feels like? Right on top of the world."

With the south line soon to open, commuters could ride the train from Ogden to Provo, reducing transportation costs and traffic.

But some downtown commuters aren't happy the Express Buses are being discontinued with the arrival of Frontrunner. UTA says accommodations are being made for those passengers.

"We're opening up a new station at North Temple and from that North Temple station we will have direct express shuttles going into the downtown area, so we think that will help," said UTA General Manager, Mike Allegra.

Allegra believes the completion of the Frontrunner South line will be a benefit for decades to come, especially with skyrocketing growth in Utah County.

"That's the exciting thing for us, the abilities of future generations to take advantage of what we've laid on the ground right now," Allegra said.

UTA sells group passes for $14, which are valid for round trip fare for up to four adults anytime after 10 a.m. Children under the age of six ride free on UTA busses, TRAX and FrontRunner.


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