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12 pound dog defends kids from pit bull

By Sandra Yi | Posted - Oct 27th, 2010 @ 9:44pm

FREMONT -- A pint-sized pup is credited with saving four little boys from a pit bull attack. The pit bull mauled the dog as it was trying to protect the children.

Deputies in Wayne County say the same pit bull may have killed some cows. A rancher shot and killed that pit bull when it attacked his cows.

Bear is a 12 pound dog, but this weekend, he lived up to his big name. Joe Jackson and his four boys were camping and hunting in Wayne County. On Sunday morning, they were at his parents' home in Fremont.

The adults were inside when they heard screaming.

"I had four boys out there and didn't know what was going on. I just could tell they were very frightened," Jackson said.

A pit bull had approached the boys, who were from 5 to 12 years old. With no adults in sight, it was Bear who tried to protect them.

"Bear saw what was going on and ran over there and started growling at the dog, and got between them," Jackson said.

Eight-year-old Kaleb said his older brother tried to hit the pit bull with a stick, but the boys watched as the pit bull shook their dog like a rag doll.

"It was like, growling, and that, and then the pit bull swung it around as hard as it could," Kaleb said.

When Jackson came outside, the pit bull ran away.

The Jacksons rushed Bear to the vet with serious injuries. The family says he's lucky to be OK considering the same dog may have killed two cows the next day.

A rancher shot and killed that pit bull. Jackson will go to Wayne County next week, to identify the dog.

"If it's the same dog that killed full grown cows, you know my little boys, my youngest and Kaleb, as well, it easily could've been one of them," Jackson said.

Authorities in Wayne County say they're still trying to confirm who owned that pit bull. That person could face charges. Jackson would like that person to pay his vet bill.


Sandra Yi

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