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Sunset's Tim Isom Set to Become the Second Black Mayor in Utah

By , | Posted - Nov 12th, 2005 @ 9:43pm

Alex Cabrero reporting

Of the 15 mayors in Davis County, nine will be brand new at their job.

This week's election was one that definitely shook things up, especially in Sunset, where voters chose only the second black mayor in Utah history. His name is Tim Isom.

Even as the new mayor in town, Tim Isom is still taking orders from his kids. It's been less than a week since Isom won the mayor's race in Sunset. Now comes the hard part.

Tim Isom/ Mayor-Elect of Sunset: "From senior citizens to the families, the new families with starter homes coming in who don't have kids yet, they're planning kids. You look at all the things you want to do for them."

He's been on the city council four years now, so he knows it's going to take teamwork to get things done.

Tim Isom/ Mayor-Elect of Sunset: "If the council doesn't back the mayor, it doesn't matter what the mayor wants to do, it's not going to happen."

Even being a mayor was a dream. He's only the second black mayor in the state.

Tim Isom/ Mayor-Elect of Sunset: "I think if my father were alive, he'd be so please that that could happen here in Utah."

A few years ago, voters in South Ogden elected George Garwood as the first, paving the way for the type of open-minded thinking that put Isom in office.

Tim Isom/ Mayor-Elect of Sunset: "You look at the statistics in Utah, and there is only one percent black people in Utah. The odds of there being a mayor in that one percent, the odds there being two mayors in that one percent, are astronomical. So, I'm happy."

And Isom didn't just squeak by. He received 553 votes, as opposed to his opponent's 299 votes, which just proves people in Sunset believe he is the right person for the job.

Tim Isom/ Mayor-Elect of Sunset: "There's a lot of people who believe I can do this and do it well."

After he listens to his kids, of course. Isom will be sworn in as mayor the first week of January.

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