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GOP candidate runs for multiple offices to preserve spots

Lisa Rathke, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 2:33pm

A perennial political candidate secured the Republican nomination to run for at least five offices, including the U.S. House, in a strategy to preserve all but one of the slots for other GOP prospects in the largely Democratic state.

AP Interview: Los Angeles mayor: Trump doing 'racist things'

Michael R. Blood, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 1:29pm

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, considering a 2020 presidential run, said Thursday that President Donald Trump has done "plenty of racist things" to divide the nation while failing to deliver on health care reform and other promises.

Families weigh in as lawmakers revisit gender-change bill

Annie Knox, KSL  |  Posted Aug 16th - 12:44pm

Utahns have long had the option to petition a judge to have their gender changed on their birth certificates, but a lawmaker is seeking to set the criteria courts must consider before granting or denying the change.

The Latest: Gary Johnson: I'd 'probably' confirm Kavanaugh

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 11:15am

The Latest on Gary Johnson running for U.S. Senate in New Mexico (all times local):

Former US security leaders blast Trump for yanking clearance

Jill Colvin and Catherine Lucey, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 10:00am

Former U.S. security officials issued scathing rebukes to President Donald Trump on Thursday, admonishing him for yanking a top former spy chief's security clearance in what they cast as an act of political vengeance. Trump said he'd had to do "something" about the "rigged" federal probe of Russian election interference.

US newspapers to Trump: We're not enemies of the people

David Bauder, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 9:05am

Newspapers from Maine to Hawaii pushed back against President Donald Trump's attacks on "fake news" Thursday with a coordinated series of editorials speaking up for a free and vigorous press.

Utah's Board of Education asks for alternatives to letter grades on Utah schools report card

Marjorie Cortez, KSL  |  Posted Aug 16th - 8:01am

With the state's new school report card a work in progress, Utah State Board of Education staff asked lawmakers Wednesday for alternatives to letter grades so constituents get an accurate picture of academic progress of Utah schools.

Libertarian Gary Johnson throws US Senate race in chaos

Russell Contreras, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 12:34am

Former Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson said in seeking to make history and capture a U.S. Senate seat in New Mexico he'll have to give up a few of his favorite activities: marathon biking rides, hanging out in his northern New Mexico "dream" home and tuning out news about President Donald Trump.

Nevada Democrats hope Latinos can propel them to victory

Michelle L. Price, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 12:09am

As temperatures topped 110 degrees last week outside a Latin American grocery store in Las Vegas, 19-year-old Diara Hernandez bounded up to customers, greeting them with a smile and a clipboard to ask in Spanish if they're registered to vote — or can vote.

Democratic governor faces tough re-election in Rhode Island

Michelle R. Smith, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 15th - 10:19pm

Rhode Island's governor is facing a tough re-election fight in a year that's supposed to be a good one for Democrats and women.

Police group worried about enforcing recreational marijuana ban if medical use initiative passes

Ben Lockhart, KSL  |  Posted Aug 15th - 10:15pm

The Utah Chiefs of Police Association said it has concerns over how feasible it will be for officers to quickly determine whether a person is lawfully carrying marijuana with them, in the event that an initiative permitting its medical use passes.

Federal agency issues proposals for downsized Utah monuments

Brady McCombs, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 15th - 9:41pm

The U.S. government on Wednesday issued proposals for managing two national monuments in Utah that were significantly downsized by President Donald Trump last year, saying its preference for one of the sites would be the "least restrictive to energy and mining development."

'Hot bench' questions Count My Vote, state lawyers over ballot initiatives

Dennis Romboy, KSL  |  Posted Aug 15th - 3:31pm

Count My Vote made its case before the Utah Supreme Court for getting on the November election ballot Wednesday after being disqualified because nearly 3,000 residents removed their names from its initiative petitions.

Moderates are key to defeating Kobach in Kansas

Christina A. Cassidy and Roxana Hegeman, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 15th - 3:28pm

With Kris Kobach as the Republican nominee for governor, Kansas Democrats may have the candidate they want.

5 issues that will affect the 2018 midterm elections

Kurt Manwaring, Contributor  |  Posted Aug 15th - 2:01pm

The 2018 midterm elections will be affected by a number of issues, including the Russia investigation, a possible government shutdown, a Supreme Court nominee and more.

Party chairman gives Ellison tepid backing amid allegation

Kyle Potter, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 2:39pm

Minnesota Democrats are cautiously standing by Rep. Keith Ellison amid allegations from an ex-girlfriend that he once physically abused her, as the state's party chairman said Thursday he supported Ellison "at this point."

Gun of ex-sheriff running for Texas governor still missing

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 1:07pm

A former Texas sheriff who's now the Democratic nominee for governor says she has been a "responsible gun owner" as authorities continue searching for her on-duty firearm that is missing.

Nonprofit objects to remarks by Blackburn consultant

Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 11:43am

A left-leaning Tennessee nonprofit has objected to comments by a paid political consultant to U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn's Senate campaign, claiming the remarks signal illegal coordination with outside political groups.

Gubernatorial candidate challenges mayor with chicken outfit

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 15th - 3:10pm

A Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate has brought a campaign volunteer in a chicken suit to challenge a rival to debate.