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Moldova: 2 dead in explosion in Moldovan capital

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 4:31am

Moldovan police say two people have died in an explosion in a shop in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau.

EU asylum applications drop to pre-migrant wave levels

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 4:28am

The European Union's statistics agency says the number of people applying for asylum in Europe has dropped to levels similar to those recorded before the wave of migrant arrivals in 2015.

Lawyer: Kim murder suspect thought smearing face was prank

Eileen Ng, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 4:19am

A Vietnamese woman accused of killing the North Korean leader's estranged half brother told police she realized she had been used to murder him after she was detained, her lawyer said Tuesday.

Nigeria failed to act on warnings of mass abduction: Report

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 4:18am

Rights group Amnesty International says Nigeria's security forces failed to respond to warnings that extremists were on their way to a town where 110 schoolgirls were abducted last month.

ICC: Philippines withdrawal won't affect preliminary probe

Mike Corder, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 4:15am

The Philippines' decision to leave the International Criminal Court will not derail an on-going preliminary probe into possible crimes committed during Manila's war on drugs, the court said Tuesday in its first reaction to the Asian nation's withdrawal.

Greece: Turkish national runs across border while drunk

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 4:09am

Greek authorities say a Turkish national who ran across a Greek-Turkish border crossing overnight while apparently drunk has been detained.

Iraq says bodies of 38 Indians have been recovered

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 4:04am

Iraqi authorities have found the bodies of 38 Indian construction workers abducted when Islamic State militants overran the northern city of Mosul more than three years ago, officials said Tuesday.

Kremlin shrugs off White House refusal to congratulate Putin

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 3:44am

The Kremlin spokesman says it's no big deal that U.S. President Donald Trump didn't congratulate Vladimir Putin on his re-election as president.

Norwegian minister resigns after Facebook post uproar

Mark Lewis, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 3:37am

A potential collapse of the minority Norwegian government was averted Tuesday after a senior minister resigned for writing a Facebook post claiming the opposition Labor Party was more interested in protecting the rights of terrorists than the Norwegian people.

Pakistani ex-dictator's party seeks security for his return

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 3:35am

The party of Pakistan's former dictator Pervez Musharraf has asked authorities to provide and guarantee security for him when he returns home to face trial for his alleged role in the killing of former premier Benazir Bhutto.

Ex-French president Sarkozy held on Gadhafi claims - source

Samuel Petrequin, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 3:12am

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was placed in custody on Tuesday as part of an investigation that he received millions of euros in illegal financing from the regime of the late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

Moscow awaits Russian diplomats ordered to leave Britain

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 3:12am

Moscow is awaiting nearly two dozen Russian diplomats ordered to leave Britain as part of a standoff over a nerve agent attack on British soil.

Syria monitors: IS militants seize Damascus neighborhood

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 3:06am

A Syrian war monitoring group says Islamic State militants have captured a largely vacant neighborhood in Damascus following intense fighting with pro-government forces.

Islamabad still mulling Kabul's offer of talks, overtures

Zarar Khan and Amir Shah, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 2:50am

Pakistan is still mulling Afghanistan's recent overtures, including an invitation that Pakistani prime minister visit Kabul — an offer that analysts see as a good sign, underscoring that dialogue between the two often uneasy neighbors is key to defeating militants on both sides of the border.

Emboldened Xi lays out vision for China, warning for Taiwan

Gillian Wong and Christopher Bodeen, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 2:44am

President Xi Jinping vowed Tuesday to protect "every inch" of China's territory, improve the lives of its people and promote the resurgence of Chinese culture and creativity as he kicked off his second term, poised to rule indefinitely.

IS claims responsibility for Afghan sports stadium explosion

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 2:18am

Afghanistan's Islamic State affiliate has claimed responsibility for a bombing outside a sports stadium in eastern Nangarhar province that killed three people and wounded 10.

Papuan teen dies hours after release from Indonesia jail

Niniek Karmini and Stephen Wright, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 2:14am

A spokesman for the family of an indigenous Papuan teenager who died after 24 hours in Indonesian police custody said that the 17-year-old had multiple bruises and injuries on his body and that it doesn't accept the police explanation he was killed by alcohol poisoning.

Former French president Sarkozy quizzed over allegations he received illegal financing from Libya, says judicial source

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 1:51am

Former French president Sarkozy quizzed over allegations he received illegal financing from Libya, says judicial source.

Low-key US-S Korea military drills ahead of N Korea summits

Hyung-Jin Kim and Robert Burns, Associated Press  |  Posted   Mar 20th - 1:50am

Annual U.S.-South Korean military drills that infuriate North Korea will begin on April 1, the allies said Tuesday, but they will likely be more low-key than past years ahead of two highly anticipated summits among the countries' leaders.