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Pres. Obama misrepresented Romney tax study, economist says

10/09/2012 12:32pm
The issue of taxes were discussed in length at last week's presidential debate. But a Princeton economist says President Obama has misrepresented his study.

Utah commander wanted more security before Libya attacks

10/09/2012 6:36pm
A Utah National Guardsman who headed an elite security force in Libya will tell a congressional committee Wednesday that his requests for more resources prior to the killing of a U.S. ambassador last month went unheeded.

Not all Mormons will vote for Romney, survey shows

10/09/2012 7:52pm
Mitt Romney is reaping the benefits of last week's debate. In the first daily tracking poll of likely voters, a Gallop poll found that Mitt Romney holds a slight-lead over President Obama.

Romney's family open new campaign to 'Let Mitt Be Mitt'

10/09/2012 8:17pm
There's a new approach for the Romney 2012 presidential campaign. "Let Mitt Be Mitt." It appears to have greatly helped him in last week's key debate.