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Toddler causes security breach at White House, delays Obama address

08/08/2014 8:41am
President Barack Obama was about to address the nation on Iraq Thursday night when the briefing was delayed because of a pint-sized security breach on the North Lawn of the White House.

Dig this: Ancient bones found in Wyoming cave

08/08/2014 2:29pm
North American lions, cheetahs and short-faced bears: Those are just a few fearsome critters from 25,000 years ago paleontologists already might have found in their first excavation of a bizarre northern Wyoming cave in 30 years.

8 funny feline videos to honor World Cat Day

08/08/2014 4:05pm
Friday is World Cat Day, so we compiled a list of some videos to appreciate our feline friends.

WSU workers rescue 4 ducklings from storm drain

08/08/2014 11:13pm
Maintenance workers on Weber State University campus rescued four ducklings who fell down a storm drain, and the workers captured the rescue on video.