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Police: Job applicant stole from tip jar

12/18/2013 5:26am
Police say a woman applying for a job at a Delaware restaurant stole money from a tip jar.

Alligator can greet Michigan restaurant patrons

12/18/2013 10:23am
A 4-foot long alligator named Wally will be allowed to greet patrons of a Michigan restaurant.

Man named Noel climbs Christmas tree in Conn. park

12/18/2013 2:37pm
A Connecticut man named Noel who climbed a tree decorated with Christmas lights has been arrested.

Peabody ducks retire to Jack Daniel's distillery

12/18/2013 4:52pm
A group of ducks retiring from service at Memphis' Peabody Hotel has moved to Lynchburg.

Idaho wildlife advocate pleads guilty to poaching

12/18/2013 5:06pm
An outspoken critic of Idaho's phosphate industry and its deadly impact on some animals has pleaded guilty to poaching two elk.

Salvation Army receives diamond ring

12/18/2013 5:39pm
The Salvation Army says someone dropped a diamond ring in one of the group's kettles outside a South Florida grocery store.