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Restaurants' 'Zion curtain' to come down if bill passes

02/28/2013 6:09am
A state lawmaker who wants to tear down the so-called "Zion curtain" in Utah restaurants says there's nothing to show that separating the pouring of alcoholic drinks and dining areas curbs underage drinking.

BYU project rewards kids for eating fruits and veggies

02/28/2013 8:56am
While new federal guidelines require schools to serve more fruits and vegetables, BYU researchers are studying ways to keep healthy foods from ending up in the garbage.

Older bikers 3 times more likely to be injured

02/28/2013 9:45am
When the weather warms up, expect to see more motorcyclists out on the road. You might think it's the young, inexperienced riders that are in danger of injury, but various factors mean more and more older riders are getting hurt.

Dog that saves owner perishes in fire

02/28/2013 12:50pm
A dog that saved its owner perished in the fire Wednesday.

19 ways to think like a burglar and prevent theft

02/28/2013 4:03pm
Thinking like a criminal and anticipating their moves is your best chance of avoiding theft and burglary, law enforcement says.

Police searching for caller who made bomb threats to Provo school

02/28/2013 5:31pm
A Provo elementary school has been declared safe after bomb threats Thursday morning placed it under lockdown for a time. But police are still searching for the person who made the threats.

Police: Man arrested in Cedar City was suicidal, homicidal

02/28/2013 5:33pm
A man who police say shot multiple rounds at another vehicle and had "suicidal and homicidal intentions" was arrested after trying to flee from officers Wednesday night.

Family escapes Orem house fire

02/28/2013 5:35pm
Firefighters responded to a devastating house fire in Orem Thursday morning.

Couple describes scary moments during Brigham City carjacking

02/28/2013 6:37pm
A Brigham City family is grateful for their safety after being confronted at gunpoint by an accused bank robber Tuesday night. He allegedly demanded the keys to their truck while their 4-year-old daughter was still inside, and a struggle over the gun later ensued.

BYU fans camp out for big Gonzaga game

02/28/2013 7:00pm
The BYU basketball team hosts No. 2 Gonzaga Thursday night at the Marriott Center in Provo. The game has major implications for both teams, and some diehard BYU fans can't wait for the game to begin.

Contractor under fire for problem-plagued Timpanogos Highway

02/28/2013 7:02pm
The SR-92 project between Highland and I-15 has been mired in problems since before it opened, and now the lead contractor is under fire for yet another: long, horizontal cracks in the soil nail wall that supports the ground along the main-line highway.

Salt Lake City School District favors east side, says board member

02/28/2013 7:59pm
Is Salt Lake City's east side better than the west side? When it comes to elementary school teachers, one school board member thinks so.

UTA spending inspires lobby regulation bill

02/28/2013 9:02pm
Utah legislature is poised to consider a proposal that would limit the lobbyists who work on behalf of government agencies.

From janitor to IT engineer, man proves anything is possible

02/28/2013 10:19pm
Jose Jimenez is the information technology quality assurance engineer at, but he started as a janitor a decade ago.

Jazz player rewards students for reaching reading goal

02/28/2013 10:23pm
Students at Snow Springs Elementary School read nearly 2 million minutes over the last month, and Thursday they received a special reward: a visit from Jazz forward Jeremy Evans.

Gov. Herbert demands action on sequestration with colorful language

02/28/2013 10:41pm
Gov. Gary Herbert used some colorful language to describe sequestration Thursday, saying "it's butt-biting time" because the federal government has failed to live within its means.

Utah ski jumper to speak out against infertility theory

02/28/2013 11:01pm
It was once thought women could not physically perform in the Olympic ski jumping event because repetition of training would cause infertility. With IOC's recent decision to allow female jumpers to compete in 2014, a Utah athlete is speaking out against the infertility theory.

U. swim coach suspended amid sexual abuse allegations

02/28/2013 11:11pm
A University of Utah's swim coach has been suspended amid allegations of sexual abuse.

City council casts final no vote on Herriman gun range location

02/28/2013 11:13pm
After a several months-long battle, the Herriman City Council has voted not to go ahead with building a proposed gun range at a controversial location.

Man rams 3 police cars, sets rottweiler loose on officers, police say

02/28/2013 11:20pm
A man has been arrested after a police response to an assault ended with the man ramming three police cars and a rottweiler attacking the officers involved before being shot in self-defense.

Bullying more taboo, but more hurtful, than ever before

02/28/2013 11:55pm
Over the past few years, there has been a heightened awareness of bullying and its negative effects. But bullying reaches deeper now than ever before.

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