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Government to track down thieves in Target breach

01/29/2014 8:44am
Attorney General Eric Holder says the Justice Department is committed to tracking down the thieves who stole information from millions of customers of Target Corp.

Clapper says Syrian al-Qaida wants to attack US

01/29/2014 2:00pm
The Syrian militant group tied to al-Qaida, the al-Nusra Front, wants to attack the United States and is training a growing cadre of fighters from Europe, the Mideast and even the U.S., the top U.S. intelligence official told Congress on Wednesday.

US official: North Korea nuclear reactor restarted

01/29/2014 2:06pm
North Korea has followed through on its threat to advance its nuclear weapons program, the top U.S. intelligence official said Wednesday, while a research institute pointed to signs the communist country is preparing to launch bigger rockets.

Death penalty decision imminent in Boston bombing

01/29/2014 3:16pm
As attorney general, Eric Holder has approved pursuing the death penalty in at least 34 criminal cases, upholding a long-ago pledge to Congress that he would vigorously enforce federal law even though he's not a proponent of capital punishment.

Japan envoy urges calm amid tensions with China

01/29/2014 3:44pm
Japan's ambassador called for improved relations with China on Wednesday as the top U.S. intelligence official warned that territorial disputes and nationalist fervor are increasing the risk of conflict in East Asia.